Make a feature so you can mention Voice Channels



  • almostsuspense

    you can already do that


  • AyeeMod

    Yes but instead of ID, Have the @Name

  • lengo
    This is technically already possible with <#voice-channel-id> but having it done with a name would be nice.
  • Tmpod

    Voice chats can be mentioned (get their ID and send a message with this <#ID HERE>) though they don't get the redirect functionality, which is sad :c
    A similar thing happens with roles that are not technically "mentionable". You can mention them but not ping them, but you have to get their ID and send a message with this <@&ID HERE>
    It would be really neat to see those features added.

    Mentionable but not pingable roles suggestion:

  • almostsuspense

    the redirect function is already possible Tmpod

  • Matharic

    Apologies for the necro, but has this functionality been removed? Following the syntax <#VoiceChannelID>, I'm unable to get a redirectable link. It's just plain ole text. Any solutions?

  • Hermes

    You do <@VoiceChannelID>

  • plagel

    How do you get the VoiceChannelID?


    Nevermind Google lead me to the answer

    On Discord, open your User Settings -> Appearance -> Enable Developer Mode.

    Then right click the channel name.

  • Tmpod

    Hermes, that is not true, unless Discord has very recently messed something up badly. @ mentions are for users (<@I D> and <@!I D>, normal and nick mentions respectively), # mentions are for channels (<#I D>) and @& are for roles (<@&I D>). Mentions are managed by the API (in the sense that message payloads include three fields for these three types of mentions that contain mention objects which include the IDs for each mentioned entity) so I just checked the docs and I don't see any mention of voice channels not working. In fact, the channel mention object has a field for the type of mentioned channel which can be any type of channel, even DM related.
    In conclusion, this seems to be purely a client issue. Could any staff confirm or deny this?

  • Tmpod

    Lol I suppose it tried to convert my mentions, will fix it now.

  • aschen

    Hey all,

    Maybe this is out of the context for this issue, but when I thought of mentioning voice channels, I thought of the message showing up in the mentions for whoever is currently in that voice channel.  That doesn't seem to be the case, though.  At least I can't get it to work using either <@ID> or <#ID>.

    I guess I'm less concerned about a link to the VC, and more concerned about those particular users seeing the message.

    I did build a very simple Discord bot which can get the channel ID from the name, and then mention all the users that are currently in it.  I don't know if I'm allowed to post external links to github, though, so anyone can DM me if they want the link.

  • Yourself

    Using the quick switcher, you can use "!" to get voice channels. This should be how you mention voice channels.

    Chinese-English Dictionary
    Enable Select Search
  • Dragon Lord

    You just have to type out <> too. Example: <#704854255944859678> works for me
    edit: It looks like it's mentionable when you're typing it out but it when you send it it will just look like plain text

  • Powerr Electron Manager

    Hey AyeeMod,
    You can do that! Use these simple steps.

          1. Turn on Developer Mode

           2. Copy the Channel ID

            3. Mention it!

    Thank you,

    Benjamin Case

  • Munzy

    I have used this feature many times but at least it would be great if you could click on the mentioned voice channel as well as a text channel and you would be transferred to its location. Just a suggestion... :) 

  • Bss

    This is already possible on mobile, I hope they'll add that to the web version and the desktop version too.

  • Corry


    Discord has the feature on the search bar to filter by user, server, text channels, and voice channels.

    If we can already search for what I mentioned above, then it should let us ping with those prefixes as well.

    To add to this feed, I think Discord should let us ping by server and voice channels, too.

  • SPCL

    I'm using the Create Invite feature instead

  • FDDarwish

    It is actually easy,

    1. Enable developer mode in settings

    - Go to user settings - Go to appearance - Scroll down and then enable developer mode


    2. Copy the voice channel ID

    - Right-click any voice channel - Click on Copy ID


    3. Paste it

    - Go to the text box and use this format:

    <#Paste your ID here>


  • troycerapops

    I'm just going to say that asking folks to change their settings in order to complete a function which exists for other channel types is not "easy." Easy would be if linking to text and audio channels operated the same. This isn't a controversial opinion that I'm sharing-- it's basic product management.

    That said, I did this "easy" solution, and it didn't link to diddlysquat once I hit enter. It looked blue and clickable in my text box, but after submitting it was grey, boring, and did nothing.

  • 🌊Simon🌊

    I am not sure if Discord changed anything recently or if many answers are just missing the point. But currently I can not find an option to 'mention' a voice channel and create a link to it.

    <#VC ID> looks like a link until you actually post the message, then its just plain text with the channels name. The (quite complicated) workaround I am currently using is Dyno bot with custom commands. The bot responds with the Invite Link for a voice channel. Quite similar to the /zoom function in Slack

  • HawkMikado

    This feature is completely useless it’s not clickable. From everything I see it’s not - anyone have a solution?

  • Yourself

    This works on Android devices as of now. Maybe it's in the works.

  • benjamin;

    Hi! You can now mention voice/stage channels, and they can be clicked to open the channel on Canary Desktop. Just copy your voice/stage channel ID and paste it into <#ID>. I hope they'll be some easier to way mention them soon, but for now, this is pretty neat.

  • AosenGames

    Its possible I tried it you do <#voice-channel-id> and it works!! 🎉

  • Willydoug

    While it is now possible to mention redirecting voice channels, is there a way to mention a redirecting category link?

    I am part of a large gaming community (~1700) and am trying to make a quick Table of Contents for the users.

    I'd like to be able to redirect to a category not just individual channels.

  • HK416

    Willydoug Use the same trick as above: <#THE-CATEGORY-ID> where you can get the ID by using the developer tools method mentioned in

  • Leon

    Hey, its easy.

    to mention a text channel type in # and you will get a list of all channels

    if you want to mention a voice channel do #! then you will get a list with all voice channels.

  • OakTree

    I have tried using <#channel_id> but when I sent it only put the name of the vc instead of a blue background

  • TheArcticGiant

    Additionally, it would be really great if it would ping everyone in that VC (as if it were a role mention).