text alignment




    why so many downvotes?
    this is a good suggestion

  • DJ Mrkx

    Definitely a great suggestion

  • Toxic

    Would love to see this implemented.

  • aleithiadoxy


    this is what discord needs!

  • JessPushToPlay

    I'd love to be able to align! It's a simple function everywhere else on the internet & software programs have!

    It would make it easier to read the Title for those channels that have things like sign-up sheets, short stories, instructions, etc!! Please add!!!

  • Sonja

    Why isn't this an option? 😖

  • sashimi

    I need this option right now! T_T 

  • YannisDran

    what!? Is this really not included!? Discord needs this function to be implemented yesteday!

  • Banicjusz

    It will be very powerfull feature to design Discord servers. We need it.

  • 𝑎𝑘𝑖 ♡

    Discord!! We need this align feature. Left, right, center, and indent please for the love of everything holy! This would make things so much more easier.

  • Clémentine | Anemoia's sick

    We need it. We really need it. Honnestly the text formating on discord is a bit crappy. Even amino do it.

  • Foreck

    This should be already implemented by now. It's essential for the good formatting of long texts.

  • especially with the about mes and shit it would be sooo nice to not have to use "᲼" characters and spaces to align text on my profile


  • Sintan

    Upvoted!  NEED THIS

  • The92Ghost

    Bumping this one, we really need it.

  • lionessrampant


  • AstriaFox

    100% should already be a feature.

  • AstriaFox

    As a bit of a character limit bypass, I used Tabs by typing my bio out in notepad to make the text somewhat centered without having a million spaces.

  • ʙƖαηᴋғαᴛαƖє

    Still waiting for this to be a feature

  • Ueed ruhs

    Discord's text can definitely look a bit messy without alignment options. While it doesn't currently support it, I totally agree that having text alignment, like justify or center, would be amazing for readability and creating visually appealing messages. Imagine perfectly formatted bios and announcements!

    Discord already offers bold, italics, and other formatting, so text alignment feels like a natural next step. Here's hoping they add it in the future!

    In the meantime, there are a few workarounds you can try:

    • Code Blocks: Wrap your text in code blocks () for a monospaced font and left-aligned text. This is helpful for longer passages.
    • Headings: Use markdown formatting with hash symbols (#, ##, ###) to create headings. These are automatically centered.

    These aren't ideal solutions, but hopefully they can be a temporary fix until Discord offers true text alignment.

  • Lina Kouri

    Discord offers a lot of customization options for chat formatting, but text alignment is a glaring omission. It can definitely be frustrating to see a well-crafted message turn into a jumbled mess. While there's no built-in justification option yet, there are workarounds like code blocks for a monospaced font. Hopefully, with enough community requests like yours, Discord will consider adding text alignment in the future for a more polished chat experience.

  • Ueed ruhs

    Discord currently doesn't offer built-in text alignment options like justify or center. While there are workarounds using code blocks (which enforce left-alignment) or headings (which are automatically centered), they might not be ideal for everyone. Understandably, some users may prefer a cleaner and more visually organized way to present text. The request for text alignment has been raised by others as well, and with 105 upvotes on your suggestion, it seems like a feature many users would appreciate. Hopefully, future updates to Discord might incorporate text alignment options to cater to different user preferences. check innovative cbd