Disconnect function from mobile



  • LauSilver

    i think there is one :D


  • geekreate

    Translation to English for those that can’t understand:
    Topic: Discord Mobile: Add Disconnect Function
    Hello lovely Discord Team ((TN: ‘liebes’ is a term of endearment, which is where the ‘lovely’ comes from)),
    I often use Discord on the phone, but I do use it on PC too. I have a small request for you. Could you make it so that Server moderators/Admin who are on mobile have the ability to disconnect other users from voice chat? I have had to hop on to my PC in emergency cases to kick people out of voice channels ((translators note: assumedly because they were breaking server rules)). It would be nice if you could make this change.

    ((TN: My German is rusty but I believe I got the message that was intended.))