Remove emojis from Frequently Used list



  • thetechguy
    good idea. upvoted
  • TheRandomeer

    I know how you feel. I have pig face emoji and eggplant, which I have never used, and have no idea how they got there. It'd be nice to personalize it myself rather than have it autogenerated with random ones. 

  • Pete

    I thought I was the only one experiencing this.

    I tried posting this as a bug in their bug-report server, but it got rejected because they can't reproduce the issue.

  • Firefly7

    the default emojis being the way they are is really damaging to me every time my mobile discord gets reset. idk who's sick idea it was to have them as an emoji story of a person eating an eggplant and pooping it out, but i am not on board.

  • cresun9

    I'm fairy new to Discord, and while I'm still working my way around everything, I was also rather disturbed to find this vague emoji story being displayed as my apparently "frequently used emojis". It's a fairly immature and indecent joke. I would personally never even use the eggplant, fork and knife or crap emojis, as that is entirely irrelevant to my mindset and the type of conversations I would have.

    If a user does not want to see certain images in their frequently used emoji list, I believe it's only fair that the user should have an option to edit this list according to their own preference, instead of being forced to see unwanted emojis that are infamous for bearing obscene connotations. A professional consumer service like Discord should focus on presenting itself from a neutral point of view, throughout all of its features and functions.

    I'm hoping this may be resolved as soon as possible.

  • Webber

    It's been 7 months and this is still happening. Recently used seems to be static. Doesn't sound like such a challenging issue to fix.

  • DanekJovax (UTC -4)

    I have come up with a work-around for this that works to some extent: it simply takes advantage of the frequently used emoji aggregation feature and allows you to "force" aggregation based on you preferred emojis!

    1) create yourself a private server/channel that only you can view.  Call it whatever you want; I called mine texttest.

    2) Inside that channel you craft a message comprising of all your favorite emojis, in order of your favorite to least, and duplicate them according to you ranked preference (1st-20,2nd-19,3rd-18,etc). 

    An example: :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :thumb_up: :thumb_up: :thumb_up: :thumb_up: ...

    3) After that, press enter to send the message, then enter another channel and look at your emoji options.  They should reflect the ones you just sent!

    Now, the drawbacks: they don't last forever - the Discord server's aggregation function will always start pushing the "other" recommended emojis back up your list, so to combat that you'll have to resend that message in step 2 at least once or twice a week (on average).

    Also, if you also view Discord on more than one device, you may need to repeat the above steps on each device, as emoji data seems to only save on each device, not per user login.


    Hope this helps until Discord give us real emoji controls! ;2)

  • KM

    I'd simply like a way to perma-remove the emojis I don't actually use from the frequently used. Having a preset is one thing, having it remain static for all users is another. :/

  • Sarmelion

    I HATE the poop emoji and I want it gone, I've never used it and never will ffs discord just let us choose presets or at least remove one's we don't want popping up in there

  • Dammit Viktyr

    I would definitely like the ability to replace "frequently used emojis" that I never use with the ability to have half a dozen user-defined instant emojis and a user-defined list of quick emojis that I actually do like to use frequently.

    I would settle for having the ability to cast certain emojis back into the Pits of Hell from whence they spawned, never to be seen again.

  • PanamaGarry

    Please do Something with the "Favorite Emoji's "  I would like to see them removed al together. It is an annoying memory issue.  And that Damn Poop one coms up and wont go away.  Thank You   Garry Age 65 and more reserved 

  • Pete

    Another workaround:

    1. Ctrl+Shift+i to bring up Developer Tools
    2. Go to: Storage > Local Storage > discordapp > EmojiStore
    3. Edit the json: _state.usageHistory
    4. You can remove unwanted emojis from there or add ones you like
    5. Relaunch Discord
  • Cuddles

    I've got the problem on the discord application, all of a sudden one day I had the TM emote in my frequently used emotes which i've never used and it never goes away no matter how many emotes I use, it's always the very first emote and when i log in on my browser its just the default emotes and not the TM one. They really need to let us favourite emotes that we regularly use to stop this annoying nonsense with the emotes. just FYI it doesn't show up on discord browser so I can't get rid of it with the ctrl+shift I solution that has been suggested.

  • Raven

    I'm a gamer and have been using Discord for years but if Discord is really trying to be for COMMUNITIES now, especially in the face of COVID-19, then not only should we have the ability to change our favorites or remove emojis we need this as a server feature as well.

    In our current environment there's going to be many companies offering online communication services to communities and the ones I manage do not find the poop emoji's funny and it, plus the inability to fully disable certain things like Emojis and GIFs, leaves me on the lookout for a replacement service instead of settling in and planning to stick with Discord.

    Please move this up your list of priority if you're serious about being used for all communities.

    Thank you for reading my feedback.

  • 3072

    How to change the number of times that you used an emoji

    Ctrl + shift + i (or F12 if you are using the browser)

    Application -> Storage -> Local Storage -> discordapp -> EmojiStore (you can use a filter and type "emoji")

    copy the text in "value" and paste it in a notepad -> search (Ctrl + B) for the name or ID if it is an external emoji (you can find the ID of an emoji by sending the emoji with a \ right before it)

    edit the totalUses value

    copy all the code again -> paste it in the value cell

    restart your discord client


  • clydeiii

    How is going into ctrl+i considered a reasonable solution to this problem?  This is far and away the worst part of Discord in 2020.

  • OneLittleWolf

    Absolutely, clydeiii. First of all, "Frequently Used" should literally mean that, for me. How is this even defined? Is this what *other* people frequently use? Why would I possibly care? Then, it should be easy to right-click or whatever, and remove any that are there. That's probably asking too much, but I'm confused as to why there's a Frequently Used section that has emoji I've never used, and don't want to use. So I have to spend time scrolling down through categories to just get, say, a thumbs up. Every. Single. Time.

    And there's a "clock" icon next to it, just to shove the stick further into your eye... this indicates "recently used"... again, not by you. Who cares what you use. This is a set of emoji that someone else uses and you *must* want this in your frequently used section.

    Anyway, that's my rant for the day. All in all it's not a huge deal, but it gets really annoying to use emoji in Discord with all the scrolling needed.

  • OneLittleWolf

    @!BotTester Interesting... I went in there, found the section but clicking around I couldn't change anything. Closed Discord and restarted, went back in to "edit" the Value, CTRL-C to copy and pasted in VSCode to review. Then noticed that the Frequently Used started working; it had the last emoji I just used. Didn't have to edit anything. This must be a bug then, that just going into that section and poking around, then restarting the app made Frequently Used work.

  • Yak

    I'm just gonna spam this here too, in case devs/support see

    Related issues to "frequently used" emotes - ie: the first thing you see when trying to choose an emote. What should (in theory) matter the most to people when it comes to emojis.

    Also my 2 cents:

    In none of these issues is it mentioned that if you copypasta one "joke" string chock full of emotes - it'll screw up your "frequently used" emotes completely

    Devs, please give us managed "favourite" emotes

    Or at least make a user friendly way of managing it ourselves (not having to hack it)

    Purely removing: (main one/this one) (oldest one? from a quick search)

    ... etc

    Adding/modifying: (but the post referenced for "why this one was delted" isn't exactly the same issue as this. Though the change could be implemented in such a way that it would solve both.)

    The post I'm talking about: (which also talks about server priority for emotes. so using a nitro kludge for "favourites", like people are doing with "recently")

    Consistency and Stability:

    There are possibly more, I just did a quick search

  • KB_Toy_Story

    This was so annoying!!! The "frequency" it's reading is from use in message text, not reactions. If there's an emoji you're trying add to your frequently used so you can quickly use it as a reaction to other comments, just type a message (anywhere, your server or someone else's) with that emoji 10 times or so and send it. The emoji will be in your frequently used now because you "frequently used" it in a message text. You can delete the message afterwards.

  • TheArgentWolf

    Adding my voice to this as well, especially now I'm finding my "frequently used" populated with an animated emoji from a server I'm in that that I can't even use because I don't have Nitro! How could I possibly frequently use it??

    Out of all my frequently used, I probably regularly use the first row, and by the third, I can't remember ever using any of them

  • Blue Team Inc

    Discord seems to have no idea how much damage this is doing to them. Don't they want to run a successful business? These frequently used emojis are an embarrassment as every new member joins. And then you have to suffer through them every time you are on a new computer or browser. They also encourage rude and crude behavior.

    This default filth under Frequently Used emojis makes it impossible to use this in a professional setting. And then what is up with their broken link icon? Disgusting. I've never seen so much apathy and such a lack of foresight from a single company.

  • Nevan

    It looks like a a "Favorites" feature *might* be in the pipeline (I'm not associated with Discord, just poking around a bit). I'm mostly annoyed by having to search "thumb" every single time I need to use such a common emoji. This, as a modification to the workaround a few people posted previously, ended up solving my problem:

    1. Press Ctrl + Shift + i to open Developer Tools
    2. Go to the Application tab, expand "Local Storage" on the left, click the URL under that section
    3. Find the "EmojiStore" key and copy the value out - it's easier to edit in Notepad or similar
    4. Look for a section that reads "favorites": [] (it will probably be near the end) and add the emojis you want, quoted, between the square brackets (ex. "favorites": ["thumbup"])
    5. Paste everything you copied out and modified back into the value of the "EmojiStore" key - overwriting what's there
    6. Restart Discord, and you should have a new "Favorites" section at the top

    All that said, I agree that it's a little ridiculous that there isn't already an option to do this in the client after so long. It is also rather disappointing that the "Frequently Used" section is so inaccurate (mine is filled with a handful of emojis I've used exactly once, while lacking the :thumbup: that I use dozens of times a day). Even with the option to customize (ie. Favorites), it would be nice to have a "hide" option for anything in the auto-generated list.

  • sairbelle

    I got really sick of trying to use the :joy: emoji, which I use all the time, and instead coming up with the flag for Jordan. I decided to try and edit the frequently used json as it didn't show a favorites. I went in and deleted everything but the :joy: and :droolingface: emoji since those are both two I enjoy using. Then I restarted discord. It did remove the Jordan flag from my frequently used, but there was also no joy or drooling face. Instead there were all new emoji in that area, including the watermelon icon, which I don't think I've ever used. 

  • TrickyTimeTree

    Please remove badwords from emote aliases, there's no reason to use badwords as emote names, take away the badword, and you still get the same tone, and effect. The pudding emoji that is brown is very unprofessional to use in any circumstance as long as it has a badword in it, so please remove that badword alias.

  • squido

    +1 another 2yo post on a very simple issue (non-coder btw though) - most intuitively I just want to right-click the frequently used emoji list and remove some things that turned up there because I copy-pasted someone elses message, post or even text-with-emotes from elsewhere, and because they were spammed in those copy-pastes they became frequently used despite the fact I would actually never use those specific emotes myself. Just frustrating really, less smooth of a process to communicate, and feels like Discord "doesn't really know/get me" when it's been consistently great in almost every other area (fantastic job btw keep it up!! <3) 

  • spooky

    I really wish discord would remember the things I use frequently for real, and not serve back the poop emoji. Or, you know, better not show me that „frequently used” thing if you can't do it properly. This looks like a bad joke made by one developer, joke that users have to struggle with upon each random reset.

  • palidine40

    My example entry for the emoji store value, since not a lot of people are putting example code in here.




  • rogueRPI

    This seems like the thread to bump...

    Discord.  Please.  Can you please fix this.

    I have frequently used emojis.  They are NOT represented in the list.  Instead I get random things like a fork and knife or a pumpkin that I've never used in my life.  Y'all killing me.  Can this PLEASE represent the emojis each user ACTUALLY uses?  Even just "the last 50 you used."  It doesn't have to be some fancy thing that does calculations of average usage.  Y'all.  Please.

  • ateplitsky

    So I noticed that "EmojiStore" has been replaced by "EmojiStoreV2".  The issue is still not fixed.

    I had been pasting palidine40's example entry back into EmojiStore every time it automatically trashed itself to reset the emojis to default.  But now it no longer works.  If anyone could please post a new example that'd be great.  I'd do it myself, but my emojis are borked =\