Role Inheritance



  • ZiggySmalls

    Came here to suggest this, so +1.

    I'd love to simply have a setting under a new role to declare it as a member of other roles, thereby inheriting their permissions.

    Something like, @Mod is @Member, @Chat, etc., so I don't have to add both Mod and Member to private channels that are Members only, nor do I have to give Mods the Member role.

  • Verin

    This would solve so many grievances among server owners. If there already is similar functionality in place then by all heavens do I not see it. You get my +1, and here's hoping the staff peeks at this!

  • FluffyDragon

    I too came to post this. Basic 1 to 1 Inheritance would be nice.

    Mod Inheirts Members.

    so @Member will ping mods too etc

  • White_King

    You guys are suggesting that a role will inherit all the permissions to another one right? I was thinking on:
    When a role is assigned the person will also get the inherited roll having effectively the 2 of them.

  • thewoody

    Just did a google search on how to do this and was met with a feature request post... Ouch!

    This is a structure management system present in almost every user directory. Please catch up, Discord, and you might be able to touch on the Business Communication realm too :)

    For some extra reference on this, I already do this in a way, but it requires an extra manual role addition per every promotion, and is quite easy to miss. Admin is just a plop-able "all perms" role, but my Staff role is the "parent" role being suggested here, and should not even need to be directly applied. As mentioned by FluffyDragon, this allows for all staff to be pinged via @Staff, and provides baseline permissions for all of the moderation team.