The new "Bots" tab experiment is a massive advertisement, and a terribly low quality feature that NO ONE asked for.



  • Alexis

    I agree, and that's just gonna prioritize the well known bots and lower the chances of other to be invited, since guild managers will probably stop to seek for less known ones and directly use what's proposed.

  • Alipoodle

    While I strongly agree with this post, I think this is more to combat the use of external services for advertising bots and to make it easier for new people to discord to be able to add bots to a server with the ease of having it within the platform.

    This probably should be something that had gone through a bit more testing and cleaning up before coming to the public.
    Additionally I do feel this is far to much of an advertising for some of the bots which are lucky enough to get on the list and will hugely drop a lot of other bots that do similar jobs.