Outage Compensation for Nitro Users



  • Costpap

    I personally disagree with this, because this will increase the value of Discord Nitro imo. Imagine suggesting to getting paid because of an outage, especially considering that the last 2 weren't on Discord's hands but Cloudfare's

  • boss
    Just because Discord goes down does not mean it's their fault. Today, CloudFare had some issues causing Discord to have a bit of an outage. It would be too much to do and I don't see it being worth it. I feel like Discord doesn't need to compensate Nitro for us, since if you do not pay for anything on Discord, you are getting a free service. Free services cannot expect 24/7 uptime, just like with big bots like Dyno, Dyno will go down, it's a free version and I see no need for Discord to do this since they don't even have an outage that much.