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  • FruitChips05

    Add Amazon Music to this

  • Commander GreyFox

    I still want itunes itergration, i dont like apple but i use apple music

  • corry

    This would definitely revolutionize the way we use not just Discord, but communicating as a whole.

  • Rebouz

    There are many platforms in this list, but I have another one that might not be this obvious:

    Spotify Artists Accounts.

    We currently can only link user accounts, but artists obviously would love to show their songs. So why not also add those artist accounts?

    I guess this is a different profile connection than the user accounts, so that's why I commented this here.

  • Caner / Shermes

    Yeah, i want to connect my Epic Games account with my Discord account.

    Now Epic Games started "store" project. (like Steam) I think they are will successful.

    You should to add this. (i want just link my accounts to Discord like Steam)


  • Isabel
    Personally, I don't see the point of this being added. Discord was an app primarily built for gaming, and those two services mentioned don't relate to gaming much. Just my opinion, though.
  • ChisdealHDYT

    I would say add PlugDJ or Dubtrackfm since they are youtube player to join party or share songs together, and plugdj already has open API but feeling they need add them 2 in so if you join like do Spotify on music but ultimate listlening and they hear plugdj inside discord and see what's current playing in room they at

  • Void

    I'm still stunned that spotify is added but Netflix not. It's time to push some needed updates out.

  • Gren

    8 months later and nothing..., I really want a PSN, and Instagram connection idk how a Nintendo one would work but it'd be nice to have it along with PSN knowing how XBL and Steam are available as connections. I have no idea what’s taking them so long with Instagram knowing how almost everything major social media is available for connection (Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and even Skype) it’s confusing as well since they have a FB connection and Facebook owns Instagram. Hopefully one day these three things I listed will be implemented. :/

  • EquityX

    You have Snapchat listed twice. Also would it be possible to have the list be votable? That way people could vote for what they want to be prioritized. Also someone mentioned this before but you can also try to contact those companies instead of waiting for them to contact you. I know it works from experience myself. You just got to be persistent and keep emailing/calling them until they answer. It shows your committed and company's like that.

  • Sem

    They should add more than that

  • Wolferey

    Since you have Bitbucket and Gitlab on here, I would also add:

    • Azure Devops
  • Remirra

    I'd love to see Mixer stream status, same as one that Twitch has.

  • Stephen
  • SplashyFlame

    If Netflix is suggested, why not also add Hulu?

  • Lokoo

    Facebook Live

  • therad

    :( someone bump this ! 

  • Derrios
    Can be simplify things, can put what you want in desciption after which the favicon of the site will be solved in the list.