Folders for Roles



  • Хосе Монтерос

    To avoid messing with folders, you can enter a scroll bar for the window that appears when you click on the user, so that I can scroll and see the upper part of the window with the avatar and global nickname of the user with a large number of roles, or when you usually click on the user, infa about the avatar and nickname, as well as the message entry field, but not all the roles were written, but there would be a "more" button, when clicked, you could see all user roles if needed.

  • Reine Death

    I've been thinking about this for so long now, especially with servers that have set your own roles. 

    + Hobbies
    >>Video Games

    You get the idea..

  • Fran( ˊ̱˂˃ˋ̱ )💙

    This would be a great idea for big servers to avoid the clutter

  • Fmohican

    On some server that will be helpful. :+1:

    Including my case too ;)

    For example

    / (root)

    ├───Some Folder
    │ Role 1
    │ Role 2
    │ Role 3
    │ Role 4

    ├─── Another Folder

    │ Role X
    │ Role Y
    │ Role Z

  • lumb'er
  • Crawler
    Good idea
  • Bunniii

    I could really use this right now.

    I need to move colour roles above all my other roles but it takes forever with:

    10 Main roles

    10 Ping roles

    70 Self Assign Roles

    50 Purchasable Roles


    If I could minimise these roles in folders it would be so more organised and probably not as laggy as it currently is to move roles.

  • Hsilamot

    I would suggest doing this the same way Google did with gmail, basicallu just add a / to make it into a folder




  • Hackod

    Важна более гибкая иерархия ролей. 

    Если роль вне папки - значит она глобальная и распространяется на все роли и папки под ней. Если роль в папке - то она локальная и распространяется только к тем ролям, что есть в этой папке. При этом не важно выше папка или ниже другой. Папки созданы с целью ограничить влияние одних ролей на другие.




    Добавить нумерацию ролей. Чем то похоже на идею с папками, только чем-то проще. Любой роли можно будет указать номер от одного до 20 к примеру. Если у роли номер 1, то её никто не может выдать. Если у роли номер 2, то её может выдать только роль 1, если у неё есть права на выдачу ролей. Роль 2 с правом на выдачу ролей роли с номером 2 выдавать не может. Только ниже рангом. Т.е. роль с номером 3 и далее. Т.е. 1 и тот же номер можно выдать множеству ролей. Но выдавать роли можно только ниже своей. Равные роли по рангу своей выдавать нельзя. 


    Sorry, i use google translator:

    A more flexible role hierarchy is important.

    If the role is outside the folder, then it is global and applies to all roles and folders under it. If the role in the folder is local, it applies only to those roles that are in this folder. It doesn’t matter above a folder or below another. Folders are designed to limit the impact of some roles on others.




    Add role numbering. Something similar to the idea with folders, only something simpler. Any role can be indicated by a number from one to 20 for example. If the role is number 1, then no one can issue it. If the role has number 2, then only role 1 can issue it, if it has rights to issue roles. Role 2 with the right to issue roles; role number 2 cannot be issued. Only lower rank. That is, the role with number 3 and so on. That is, 1 and the same number can be given to many roles. But you can only issue roles below your own. Equal roles in their rank cannot be issued.

  • Coleslaw

    Pls give us this feature. Too. Many. Roles.

  • Tomboy21

    Would also be helpful for more education-based servers that also hang out, you can have classes in a folder you can have games in a folder and you can have social roles in a folder

  • Tomboy21

    seems like the same as this request so might need to be merged