Option To Hide Sidebar



  • amias

    Bumping this because there are more reasons than just video call. I use split windows on both my monitors and the channel sidebar takes up a lot of real estate when the Discord window is really small.

    The users panel collapses (thank god) so why can't the channel list minimize too?

  • Nahuel Arjona

    Bump this! Also because of split screen. It really takes A LOT of space. 99% of the time I care about a specific channel on a specific server. I'm switching around channels maybe 3-5 times a day, but I'm forced to see the entire panel for 9 hours. Would be awesome to hide it.

  • McShivers411

    For the love of all things good and holy, it's 2020 please give us a way to hide that bloated cow of a sidebar that takes up a quarter of the window.

  • Nendo

    Bump, wondering why this hasn't be actioned.

  • Thundzz

    Please implement this feature, it's really annoying to have that side bar always there.

  • OrchestraHeart

    please, for the love of god, it takes up so much of my laptop screen and I multitask!

  • amias

    Bumping again, and yeah, this is specifically about the channels sidebar in the desktop client and browser client. There's no way to minimize the channel list, like you can with the user list. Mobile client already does this automatically.

    Please let us minimize the channel list. It would really save a lot of hassle.

  • PerspicuousEnigma

    Bippity boppity bump.  Please let us hide the sidebars.


    EDIT: Clicking on the member icon at the top does, in fact, hide the right sidebar.  Thanks!

  • MindTooth


    Why even make it fixed in the first place.  It's not that I need the sidebar when I try to view a video chat/stream.  I have no need to put my face into the screen to see the text.  Does not even help that the basic Discord only has 720p..

  • kingkoa

    please, implement this option!!

  • Kyrios

    This is for the Desktop client, not mobile.

  • fczuardi

    Telegram auto-hides the channel bar when the width is bellow a certain amount. Discord on the other hand will take 392px of precious horizontal real estate no matter what :(

  • Nahuel Arjona

    GrantMoyer mattf_ THANKSSSSSSSSS!!!!!

    Just in case, for non-devs, the way to use the snippet from mattf is:

    1) While on discord, press Ctrl+Shift+i
    2) On the developer tools window, select the Elements tab
    3) On the bottom half of the dev tools, select the Styles tab
    4) Now click the + sign next to .cls
    5) Now a new style should appear on that bottom half, with a link saying inspect-stylesheet:1 that you can click. Click it.
    6) A new text box will open for you. Erase everything in it and paste the snippet
    7) Enjoy

  • bruhm0m3ntum

    Bump, I have a miniature 1:1.5 monitor and I want to be able to use it for discord.

  • thainayu

    Seriously, this is one reason I don't use discord

  • builderpepc

    Really would be a good feature, especially when trying not to get distracted or when you have a small-size window and you're trying to maximize space. You can already hide the member list, but not the server list.

  • mattf_

    Here's a simple solution to paste into DevTools. Just hover over the tiny bar to expand the sidebar. Good enough for me :)

    .sidebar-2K8pFh {
    width: 10px;
    transition: width .2s ease-in;
    .sidebar-2K8pFh:hover {
    width: 240px;
    transition-timing-function: ease-out;
  • GrantMoyer

    I've made a userstyle which implements this for the webapp: https://gitlab.com/GrantMoyer/collapsing-sidebars-for-discord/-/tree/master

  • CosmicMishap

    Please can we get this added (for desktop/browser)? Doing split screen with Discord is such an annoyance sometimes because you can't hide the left column....

  • Nahuel Arjona

    It's been more than a year already. Is the codebase so messed up that this is not a possibility? Can't think of a single draw back of implementing this, and I do see a huge UX win for many of us.

    Either that panel is the most spaghetti of all spaghetti codes, or there's a really good deliberate reason behind this. I can't think of one right now....

  • Granny Rags

    Pls make this a feature, I use my laptop as a second monitor and it becomes too small to fit two tabs.

  • SeerLite

    Bump! Everyone else getting the notifications, bump too! Let's get some attention here :)

    They wouldn't have to worry about this stuff if they allowed third party clients in the first place

  • Sawel

    Bump: the sidebar makes using the webapp on mobile impossible; the option to hide the sidebar is also hidden.


  • 🐔™

    I also could really use this. I have been trying to use discord on a raspberry pi with a tiny touchscreen, but it only shows 2 letters of space in the main column :( 

  • aevilok

    Bumping this. Channel list should be auto-hide.

  • cagwah

    Bumping this.

  • HerCerM

    Bumping this. It would make using Discord much more pleasant for video calls

  • SeerLite

    Hi I'm just jumping on the bump train

  • andi

    Yes, I would love support for smaller screensizes. Please create functionality to hide channel section

  • McShivers411

    Bump! Once more, with feeling!!