Updating old servers to include new features



  • Saluki

    That's not how it works. Discord servers are all at the latest version almost all the time. You're probably talking about experimental features. These are features that Discord are testing and give randomly to some servers and users. So if they launch a new server completely - then your server will get it.

  • pizzasports2

    I am having the same problem with a couple of my servers. A few servers I have had for a few months now don't have all of the features as one I made this week. I am a maker of server templates and I wanted to know why this is and how I can update the servers so they all have the same features.

  • ForfeitTunic230

    In a couple of servers that I'm in, there's the new Reply feature, and it has made having multiple conversations extremely easier to manage, but this is only in 2 or 3 servers. 

    I can go into Server A and be able to do as many Replies as I want in any of the channels, but then I can go into Server B and there's no options for anyone to give Replies, and the Quote feature is still available. 

    I have a DM with someone who has the feature available to him to use, but its not showing up for me at all.

  • Hello Fellow Human

    I'm having a similar problem, I have my server I made and I made a new server for a twitch streamer and I really like the format of where stuff was glad they updated it then realized it has not changed on mine, and still has not. Super weird, and I would really like to get the new features on my server

  • multi

    Yeah same here I made a new server two days ago it has all the new features and the original server I have been in for a while and it has the old features of a while ago