New Reactions Drop Up Menu



  • Ben!
    Ooh that’s a really good idea!
  • Soheab_

    Hmm sure but... if you could you want to put emojis you use often I guess.... but that’s what it is for

  • Silvacor

    Hey, I'm sorry Discord, but I really don't like this, I like the simpler, less colorful old version. I like the emotes being away for the most part, the concise and aesthetically pleasing color palette is ruined and overshadowed by the bombast of the emotes list. It's hard for me to process this version and prioritizing this stuff makes it feel like facebook and I really really really with all my heart do not want anything that makes Discord have similar user interface and aesthetic and layout problems.
    Discord is my favorite place on my computer and though I have disagreed with choices before this is the first one that made me legitimately worried