Banning People - Also Reporting them to Discord Trust & Safety



  • Aviivix

    This would be useful in the hands of a more effective moderation team, but Discord's T&S team seems to need to be spoon fed direct message links to infringements before they even begin to investigate things. (Made worse by the fact that if you or they delete their messages, they're gone forever and Discord can't take action based on them.) A simple button to report them wouldn't give enough info for Discord staff in most cases, which is probably why it doesn't exist.

  • linuskerman

    I mean thats true but if the evidence is clear (aka they sent you a ToS breaking vid) then I wish it was easier to report

    EDIT: Such as a easy button that shows up after right clicking the person

  • Maza

    Yes on this : I just had the problem with a user that kept coming back with different usernames, and I would have liked to have a button to report him directly with his threatening messages. I didn't know I had to keep the message, and I deleted it when I quickly banned him to keep him from making more threats, so if I could have made my report directly from that message, that would have been easier and felt safer.

  • This person was trying to blackmail me by saying I am underanged. He has no proof me being underanged and he starts blackmailing by saying I will bann you from the whole discord this is proof:

  • Please Ban this dude he always swears to me and be mean to me I wasn't sure where to post so please look at this Discord please!


  • liquidemerald

    This guy sent me innapropiate stuff his username is: Crasher1600

  • ✺浪人✺ Rōnin

    Hello, what can I do with an admin on my server that is threatening my clan?