Convertible Time Zones



  • LupusOssorum

    A way of sharing times with a group across timezones.  Something like `\time hh:mm` would take time, in the posters local timezone, and display a little widget with the time in the viewers timezone.

    This feature would be surpassingly helpful.

  • AstralJaeger

    I absolutly agree. It would be great if we could either set a time zone (privately/public) or the app just reads the operating system timezone. Maybe something like \time hh:mm:ss <sourcetimezone> would be great. 

  • TangoCharliePDX (2)

    I was shocked when I realized this wasn't inherent in discord. Its global and there's not universal time function?!? There are webhooks and themes and everything else, and this wasn't in version 1.1? This aggravates me EVERY DAY. I can't communicate accurately, and a bot is not permitted to parse text and look for the function ...right? At least none that I've found...

  • Skellybone05

    I was thinking of something more like an inline command. You could set your timezone in your account settings. Then, when you want to use a time, you could just put the time in something like "="'s. Something like this:
    The event is going to start at =5:00 pm=!
    The format could be (<>=required,[]=optional) =[h]<h>:<m><m> <am/pm>(caps and punctuation would be ignored) [time zone]=(If no time zone is set, it will use your time zone that you set in your account)
    Examples: =5:00 PM pst= =03:27 am= =12:00 A.M. est= ect.
    If done correctly when typing, it could have some sort of special highlight to let the typer know that it's correct. Once posted, users could click on the time if they wanted to know what that time would be in other time zones.
    If a user doesn't have a time zone set, it will default to UTC.

  • LupusOssorum

    Uh, default timezone would be the timezone of your computer?  You wouldn't really even need a setting, just use the local timezone.