Discord Streaming, Compatibility With Xbox (PC Beta)



  • Mechia

    Been having the same issue, really annoying

  • !Vudugan

    Find any fix for this? I'm new at letting ppl watch me play so yeah, Discord still ain't playing nice with MS store games/Xbox (Beta) pc app. All connected on the X App tho...

  • Mitch

    Yep, same problem here, looks like they didn't add up support for Microsoft Store games yet. I can't even stream the MS Store games from Discord to show to my friends.

  • !Vudugan

    Guys and Gals, I think i found the fix..works for me anyway. Close Discoed desktop app and log into Discord.com via web browser. Link MS/XBOx account here, it actually worked for me. Close web page, log back in Desktop app and Boom .. Bob's yer Uncle!!! State of Decay2 showing as being played right now!