Status over icon



  • larga diabo

    i agree so damn much, it made me mad when they did it with just looking at dms and stuff but now its with the calls. I dont care if the status is on the icon like it used to be, but it literally cuts off a ton of the icon now. Like look at this shit; it's so damn bad u can barely see the face. :/ I really dont know why they felt the need to do this, and it damn makes me mad. I hope they'll hear us out on this one.. At least shrink it, please..

  • Joseph

    I personally do think a decent amount of people might get mad if they removed this. Honestly, I don't see how it's that big of an issue and would most likely just take up more time of the Discord Development Team when they could of been doing bigger and more interesting/useful projects. Cool idea you got though.