Regarding Discord's stance on accessibility features



  • wid

    I would also like to add that attempting to fix the problem so you can use their service without actual physical pain or any other issue by using an external program to create a theme that works best for you, is against the terms of service and can get you banned. They actively cause harm to their user base, mock them, then when they try to fix the problem on their own, they can get banned. Either implement something to let users use your service in a way that makes them not be in pain, or let them do it themselves. To cause discomfort, intentionally or otherwise, while not letting people fix it, is simply horrible.

    I would like to stress that this is not an isolated issue and it will continue unless we are direct to Discord about it. They're not a small company any more, they are the leading messaging application and they desparately need to start acting like it by taking responsibility for their complete disregard for people who need accessibility options, not just the visually impaired.