Virtual Machine Web Browser (for watching videos online with friends)



  • Zajaka

    This is definitely a feature I wish could exist, I realize there's a lot of reasons why it doesnt - and likely won't. But being able to stream my Netflix/YouTube/Hulu/etc content (That I've paid for) to my friends across the world is awesome and helps create a bond with the group.


    If this is possible, even if you have to limit it to 4, 6, 8, 10 people in a room and charge for more space, it would be VERY welcome and keep me on as a Nitro member for a long time.

  • Manteh

    I agree to both of you guys. This feature would be amazing, especially after the loss of This would bring Discord community closer than ever. I've always loved watching movies with friends on endless nights, but after decided it was time to go, those enjoyable movie nights are no longer available. I don't really see why Discord wouldn't want to make this possible.

    I really hope this post gets upvoted and Discord do consider implementing this. 

  • ReforgedBlade

    I completely agree with this idea. Rabbit was a terrible loss for people who live far from family and friends, and in a day and age where this happens a lot, you would think the solution would be more readily available.

  • ᵂᵉᵉᴳᵉᵉᴾᵃⁿᵈᵃ

    I literally made a thread saying pretty much exactly this about a day ago, so i'm really glad other people are asking so it will give more attention to this! Thank you!