Account Terminated with no explanation or warning



  • EmeraldIsleGuardian

    In the exact same boat as you. I got an email giving me a warning. After I was done reading the email I went to check my Discord only to find I was banned. There was absolutely no mention of the word 'ban' in my email warning and I have no other email from Discord in any of my folders, I've checked them all. 

  • cornex12

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  • DannyDDan

    I didnt't even get a warning just a straight ban and ive sent in multiple tickets and even tried contacting them through twitter and still got nothing. smh whats the point of evn having a "suppot system" if there is no support able

  • geekreate

    You need to submit a ticket through discord trust and safety: and select one of the "appeal" options at the bottom of the second drop down

  • DannyDDan

    I did that a week ago still nothing I even tried getting in contact with them through twitter.

  • Scrub

    I'm also experiencing the same issues of my account being terminated without warning or reason, I had contacted support and that they said they do not reactivate accounts, however there was nothing to say about the account being Deleted, only Disabled. One other thing that had been said in the email is to 'refer to that email', in which is something not stated how it should be done whether I should reply to the termination notice email or I should send a screenshot. Either way it has been nearly a month and no replies yet. Another flaw I'd like to point out is that someone that my friend knows of has been involved in activities that involve targeted harassment on Discord, he had only been given a warning for the same reason I had been banned for.