Request: Automatic Panning in Voice Chat



  • Phroneris

    Spec idea of mine:

    1. Every voice chat has circular (looped-by-edge) order of participants.
    2. When a new participant has come, the person is inserted to a random place of the order.
    3. When an existing participant has left, the person's place is simply removed from the order.
    4. Every user has configuration for "pan width", otherwise Discord sets that fixed value to us implicitly.
      I think it should not necessarily be configurable, but note that it should NOT be 180 degrees because you can't hear the rightmost friend if you lost your left earphone.
    5. Participants are panned automatically according to the order so that a user can hear all others apart at even angles within the pan width.
    6. [Option] It would be nicer if users can tweak the panning, which they hear, manually just like volumes.
    7. [Option] It would be nicer if the order can be managed by the server owner, the voice chat host and/or someone permitted.

  • Phroneris