Ability to see replies to a message



  • Assimilater


  • Rug

    I made a mockup for this:

  • EarthToAccess

    can definitely agree on this as a feature

  • S_Tzu

    Yes this would make discord more powerful. I feel that is lacking and could make it a pseudo and effective forum post thread. So people don't have to keep repeating the question. Once they find a message with same question they can just click to see all reply.

  • SpaceChickenJr

    Agree.... right now using Discord for "support" in a moderately busy channel is IMPOSSIBLE

  • MahouKae

    Agreed, I just joined a large server and searched for a question I had and found someone else had posted something already, but it's hard to search for all the replies to that question

  • dfwdba

    I also would love to see this feature.

  • MJoe

    This is absolutely needed. It is a huge pain having to just scan for the replies to a message in a server.

    Telegram does it well, where it shows you in the bottom right of the message how many replies there are and you can right click to view all replies - see screenshot.

  • jorn

    Please implement this.

  • BambooTree ( 〖〗,〖〗)

    Please implement this, a huge productivity push 

  • nir

    Great feature idea

  • coccoinomane

    Telegram has this features and it works like a charm.

  • Unityいぞう

    Please implement this feature.
    For example, in Japan, you can check all the replies at once with this behavior in a huge forum.
    Very easy to use.
    Please use it as a reference.

  • themysteryman

    There's somewhat of a workaround for this if you search for mentions:<username>. Though you can't see the replies in a single thread (I don't think) you can at least see them all without scanning the whole chat log.

  • Smdear

    I really need this feature, I'm having a really hard time tracking replies to my messages.  I've tried to create threads, but these don't appear to be long-lived (which a support forum should do), the threads are highly visible for a short period of time and then seem to effectively disappear.

  • Dex Ho

    I'm evaluating Discord for my work group (considering switching from Telegram). Need this feature as well. It would be great to have a way to go from any message in the replies chain to a thread-like view to inspect all the messages in that chain.

    Telegram allows to navigate to that thread-like view only from the very 1st message of the chain, so few extra clicks (sometimes around 10 extra clicks depending on how long the chain is) needed to get to the root message. Still it's better than having nothing of that kind.

    We're working asynchronously and it's critical for us to be able to check whether there are any updates/replies on a particular message given that we don't know who exactly could reply.