Discord on Apple M1 Devices




  • JohnnyB

    Hey @ everyone

    Im running discord on mac M1. And there surely is an issue! I dont know if its because I have 100+ servers, and a load of notifications... but according to my iStats menus (extended system monitoring program) writing per second on my SSD monitor goes up to 500 mb/sec. Thats crazy! Its bout 6 month im wondering, why my SSD lifetime left dropping every month. And now, when I sat 500+ mb/sec writing on monitor I switched off Discord app. And R/W monitor came to normal 1-5 mb per second.

    Please, create a native Apple Silicon discord app.

    ‼️Oh... wait a second! We already have one! iOs/iPad OS application‼️

    At least, let us install iPad OS or iOs application from the App Store. ARM architecture if a future of Mac users (if its not the future on industry). Please, let us have smooth playing and communicating experience!


  • kode54

    Are you sure you're not still running 11.2 or older down to 11.0? There used to be a terrible swapping issue plaguing the OS.

  • Aranom


    Maybe before writing all of that you could have backlogged this thread even a little bit

    You would have noticed that an AS build is available on ptb and canary channels

  • naavi_

    Flori Maybe you can update your initial post to tell people that there are native versions available through PTB and Canary channels? Could help people finding a quick solution and safe us some useless comments..

    Hope discord will update their stable release soon. I mean it has been in PTB for a while now and runs flawless. 

  • Aranom

    There is no good reason to use that anymore

  • MoKotik

    this is more an example of how Discord will work if they adapt the app

  • radek

    MoKotik but discord already adapted their app, there is a public beta available for a while already

  • MoKotik

    Thank you for saying I just didn't know and it's not said anywhere

  • Unholy

    since a couple of day for me the official release ( rosetta) is keep crashing.. sometimes black my Mac screen.. sometimes it just hang or restart itself.. this is happening since the last updates... 

    This official Mac m1 build is taking ages to come out the beta stage into stable release...


    That's really sad mate, 

    On my macbook air m1 discord PTB works ok

  • SlothicG


    Before you comment about Discord and M1.

    Download this: https://discord.com/api/download/ptb?platform=osx

    That is the direct download link to Discord PTB, which is a Universal build.

    Which means it runs native Apple Silicon.


  • David B

    If only the OP were around to edit and clarify the first post on this.

  • Veegs

    SlothicG this is awesome, thanks! PTB runs so much faster on my macbook air compared to the original discord app!

  • Jacolacks

    Does anyone know if or when Discord will release the official M1 build? (away from the PTB and toward a production release)?

    If so please share your source! Thank you!

  • cyx

    Same question as Jacolacks ^ M1 has been in beta for quite a while

  • Ethane

    Thanks SlothicG. This PTB is by far faster on M1. 

  • UnicornsOnLSD

    Discord's stable branch is now a universal binary!

  • Ugur

    Installed via brew and yes. Its universal now. Thank you UnicornsOnLSD 

  • Hugo


    I'm using a MacBook Pro (M1 Pro) running macOS 13.0.1, and none of the Discord versions work natively. Only under Rosetta, but it's slower and less fluid... Ventura isn't supported yet ?

    I tried the stable version, Canary, PTB, ... nothing.