Setting to turn off auto play on GIFs on mobile devices - accessibility setting



  • Trialia

    Second this. And can we please also have the ability to apply separate sets of settings to individual servers? I only have one where they often use gifs and emojis that move too fast for me - major migraine trigger as well as potentially setting off epileptic fits in others - and I don't like being forced to turn off images in all my servers just to deal with that one.

  • Jonna!

    I'd love this. 

  • XEqualsPenguin

    That'd be useful on desktop too!

  • badken

    On desktop, you can turn off "Automatically play GIFs when Discord is focused"

    On mobile, there is no such option for gifs, but there *is* an option for animated stickers to only animate on long press.

    What we need on mobile is either another option for like that for non-sticker animated content, or to just have the sticker option change to apply to all animated content.

  • A spooky ghost

    This would also help so much for people with ADHD because we get easily distracted by movement. If there's a moving GIF in chat I can barely focus on what I want to say/typing it out. I usually type a lot of really short messages until I can't see it anymore, but honestly having a feature for the GIF to not play it all would be so much more idea.