Favorited Gifs Not Disappearing When You Log Out Would Be Nice



  • IrieArtz

    This happened to me, agggh.

  • KONO kujo-jotaro DAA

    its been 2 years and it's still happening


  • Okami Takahashi

    Come on, already, Discord devs, get a frikkin move on on this! Two years and still no goddamn fix?! LAZY.

  • JDJG

    I think it shouldn't be stored in local storage, and instead a separate local DB that's more resilient, or on the cloud(it shouldn't be that much to store gif links, and emoji ids in your favorited gifs and ofc the text of the default emojis, which should be standardized (it's a pain for bot developers to see what an emoji Unicode is, a.k.a if you well, want to make an emoji info command for default emojis any library that tries to handle it, isn't as accurate as discord doesn't follow the unicode standard, really the only way to do this is try to get the emoji json list, which I would rather not manually parse. )

    other people have dumped the emoji list from the client, so it's public but it's still not practical.

    or please make a Default Emoji official api type, thanks :D

  • ethxreal_cloudx

    Honestly this has to be fixed.

    What's the point of having that section if they all disappear? It would be soooo nice if our gifs actually got to stay. I really like the gifs feature, if we got to keep our favourites it would be really great. Please fix it, Discord has so many great features and I and a lot of other people would really like this to function.

  • AleOO

    I logged in just to say you should fix this! It doesn't make sense this is still a problem when it was reported more than 2 years ago.

  • Maora

    What the hell , this happend 2 years ago and still no solution? WTF  come on guys , care a little more for us not only $$ -.- 

  • desertpogona

    Yep. Just happened to me, for the second time.


    That's really cool.

  • Horsifier

    Wow there's not even an option to reply to someone here.

    Quoting ISAACBEST777:"Just bumping this because this is still necessary. And because I just realized my previous suggestion is pointless and that it's even easier to solve this. Literally just create a locally stored dump file of all the favorite gifs. This should apply to personal data and preferences, saved comments in channels and stuff that you haven't sent, and so on. There is LITERALLY no reason it shouldn't be this way because this is DEFAULT behavior for most platforms, to ACTUALLY save your preferences.

    The last time I reported this as an issue the response I got was that this is INTENTIONAL and that discord is SUPPOSED to reset preferences on restart. That's only fine if people want it to behave that way. It should be DEFAULT that it doesn't, and opt-in to have that. A simple txt file with all the links to the gifs would be more than enough, and there is probably an easy way to save it even more efficiently.

    Please put this higher up on your priorities. And do it BEFORE you sell to M$, because they will never do it. (Also don't sell to M$ they will destroy this platform.)

    Also also favorite emojis have yet to show up for me, same with any form of mobile favorites."

    OK, does someone have a clue why would it be intentional for preferences/favorite gifs to reset when relogging?

    Do employees of Discord even read these posts? Really feels like they don't really care.

  • ~Gaminot

    I have a solution that i use, that is not with the gif tab.

    Create a server with a channel with all the gifs you like, and when you want to share it somewhere, you copy the link and paste it where you want. You can make differents channels for different topics...

    You can also do this for images and sounds, it's more useful than the gif tab !



  • Another Neko 🌺

    Someone on reddit figured out exactly where the gifs are stored, all you'd need to do to implement the fix yourself is make a script that copies that list to and from NextCloud or something.

  • flareonflare

    discord its been years, fix yo shit

    i ditto everything horsifier said

  • kaylyn

    Please fix this terrible problem.

  • VenomCosmos

    Literally lost 3 years of gifs. I had to log out and in on discord to fix another stupid discord bug, relating to patreon integration. I pay for nitro, I've used discord since April 2016, this is unacceptable.

  • ! !

    I lost so many gifs when discord logged me out for weird reason. Had so many gifs that I loved. Discord needs to do something before I lose my mind. :cry:

  • DigiNomad

    WTF FIX THIS ?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • RiZe

    2 years and there has been no solution? I understand this may be tough to make but this is more important than you realise. I changed my password which logged me out of my phone and desktop app. Thank you for punishing me.

  • Terapin

    I am throwing my support on this issue as well.  Seems something that really makes a lot of people sad, especially since it's always a shock to see your collection simply deleted, with no warning at all.  Like that is such an absurd implementation, and the fact that it's still that way so long after so many people voiced their support is a major disappointment.  

    Really hoping discord comes around and realizes this is a real issue.  Many of their users love the gifs they collect and create emotional memories and significance with them, and suddenly having all of that deleted without your consent or even knowing it is happening is a bit absurd, particularly considering it is shown to be a real issue for some users here.  

    Very disappointing to happen in the first place, and especially disappointing to see that this has been happening to people for years and nothing has happened.  Hopefully discord makes, what I assume should really not be too complicated a fix, asap, so people can stop having their entire collections of gifs randomly and suddenly destroyed for no good reason.

  • Terapin

    Now let's spend today scrolling through gifs and old messages trying to hunt down as much of my old collection as possible.  The fact that people build these collections as methods of communication and shared memory and have all that thrown out when they randomly get signed out, often not by their choice and with no idea it could delete their collection of gifs, and all simply because discord won't make a simple fix that so many of your users have begging for, for YEARS, is simply ridiculous.

  • leviN

    imagine this isn't a default feature 2 years down the track for the most basic thing

  • Digimonchamp1

    this has happened to me twice but the first time my computer bugged and logged me out of everything on my pc but back then in April i some how recovered my gifs but this time i tried to fix my server avatars by logging out but i was dumb to do that and i lost 3 years worth of gifs and discord support has the nerve to tell me to up vote a feature that should of already been a thing, i'm still pissed about this, not even the hidden chase folder has the data for my 2,093 gifs 

  • GrimTouka

    I love how this thread has been added onto for about 2 years and not a single thing has been done about this problem. Lost all my gifs about a couple months back and now have a bunch of placeholders in my Favorites tab for the old gifs for me to manually recover. Seems like they are storing the data somewhere.

  • Eszti🐙

    This is fkkng hideous! I pay to get my gif collection of over 3 yrs to be reset! this is like the fkkng 3rd time, but this time my whole freaking favo section in my gifs just randomly dissappeared. If i scroll bk in convo's where i used my favo giphs, i still can see that i have them favorited, with the yellow star showing up. But my favo section is non existent. i think i will cancel my nitro, im actually so fkkng sad by this, but i don't want this stress anymore, i used them alot to express myself, and had many customized, they all gone now. Even when i try to find a standard gif it only shows a few results. Like if i type cat i only see a few results... wtf happned here, i did't even log out or changed my pass. Discord looks like spotify support, hibernating for 1000 yrs. Im already hours googling on forums but nothing....

  • LegoLoco7

    I don't even know what to say. I literally had this problem because I got a BSOD and it signed me out of normal Discord, but Discord PTB was fine. Nearly a year of GIFs, just... gone. I got scared as soon as I saw that Discord had signed me out, and I was right to be scared. I knew to check my favorited GIFs first thing due to bad experience with the web app. Sigh...

  • Shopoke

    This just happened to me. It disheartens me to see a 2+ year old thread where people still have the same issues and there are no fixes yet. :/ I've never seen this happen until now and previously have logged out or reset my laptop and been fine, but the other day I was randomly logged out of Discord mobile for unknown reasons and I wonder if this was why. If they're not going to fix the issue they should at least put a note on the favorites saying they will only last "until you log out" or whatever reasoning they have for it. Logging out doesn't seem to be the only reason, as other people have said here. I didn't log out on my phone yet it made me re-log back in, yet I didn't have to log back in on the desktop or browser version.
    I believe I lost years worth of favorited gifs and I am extremely disheartened.

    I'm glad to at least seen one user's response on the first page to save the gifs in a private server channel. I wish I would have known about the issue before my favorites got wiped. It doesn't even make sense to me why this would happen.

  • Stevano_

    has happened twice now to me, and this issue is 2 YEARS OLD. maybe try to do something about it discord? :D 

  • Sir Jamninja9

    whats worse is that now i have probably favorited like 50 gifs after the reset and it wont let me favorite anymore because the max gif limit is " 250 " .   like bruh what do i do?

  • Elizabeth McFife

    I discovered in trying to 'reinstall' Discord, that you can't actually uninstall this product. So I went through my PC deleting every single directory that discord might be using to reinstall that way, but that would have done nothing for my registry entries. Any folks unsure if discord was bought by microsoft or not... try uninstalling :V

    Anyway in the process I discovered favourited gifs *are* stored client side, in docs local settings etc. So if your gifs have disappeared and you didn't format your PC, they'll probably come back in a couple of days. 

  • LegoLoco7

    Thankfully, this seems to be fixed for the most part, and I've heard from the subreddit that favorited GIFs are slowly rolling out onto mobile, too, so that's nice to know. The only problem is there are a few GIFs that aren't loading for me and some random blank spots in my favorite GIFs. I have no idea why.