Custom color for custom status



  • drenn

    god yes, maybe as a  nitro feature?

  • --

    I think this is a very good idea, like I want to have a red status but I also want notifications, so I can't go on do not disturb, its kinda frustrating and if this were implemented it would be cool!

  • MooZ

    cool idea. It would also be cool if you could choose a type "do not disturb" or "online" and then choose your own color I hope it will be implemented.

  • Sakura

    That's a good idea MooZ and DarkenSoul, but with 6 different rainbow colors for example add orange, blue, indigo, Violet. Or also with words Home, Work, School, Lunch, and Dinner, or something like that too.

  • Dark's Alt's Alt

    That would be a really good idea, take notes Discord!!

  • dareal

    Although this is a cool idea, it's not useful, the entire point of a status is so others know whether you are online, offline, busy or away from discord/the game or whatever. Your status should not be a representation of if you're in school or at home, you have discords custom status feature for that.