Reply function



  • RaspberryPiFan

    IDK if it's everywhere, but is in canary web, called "quote"

  • Starr

    While there is the option to 'quote' something in your message by enclosing it in `` ``, it would be nice to have an actual reply feature that auto-embeds the message and then notifies the user of the reply. However, for those who don't want constant notifications of replies, there could be a setting to disable Reply Notifications. This would be really useful in busy servers where one might want to reply to something that was said earlier in the day or comment on a message that was quickly flooded away.

  • RaspberryPiFan

  • RaspberryPiFan

    The qoute button does that as you can see in the picture. Only a setting to disable Reply Notifications is missing.

  • RaspberryPiFan

    I don't know if this is already on mobile/non-canary web

  • freakingmagnet

    Quote doesn't quite solve the same problems and have same usability. It is just a simple temporary solution imo.

    When I say reply I am assuming reply to a message along with a "thread" support of multiple replies to same message and no nested replies.

    Reply is different in that:

    • It doesn't bloat the channel: replies don't go to the channel itself but only to the replied message
    • Manually tracking which message was replied can be straining for a heated discussion
    • It doesn't break the flow of the channel, reply is meant to be for a single message not whole channel unlike quote
    • I am not really "quoting" I am replying to someone I don't need a duplicate of it

    This kind of like how email replies include whole previous mail thread because in old times support for thread was weak and you only saw a single email.

  • Neosega

    I agree. Using 'Quote' to reply to someone seems like a temporary solution. 

    Reply should work like how it is in other messaging apps. 

    Click on the reference in the reply should take it to the original message, that way it is easy for the users to navigate a long message thread and get a better a better context too.

    When I type my message first and then select the quote option, the quote is added after my message. This makes it difficult to use it as a reply option. Also there is no easy way to remove the quote after you have selected to quote a message. 

  • NfNitLoop

    +1 to the above. Telegram's replies are a great example of how I'd wantthis feature to work.

    The killer feature to me (beyond what quote + @ping provide) is that you can click on the reply to scroll up to the bit of the conversation that's being replied to. That really helps to be able to follow conversations that take place over long time spans (interspersed w/ other conversations).

    Discord already has a "Copy Message Link" function, which means messages are already individually addressable, so I'd hope adding this wouldn't be too much extra work.