Discord: Pop-Out Direct Message.



  • nutella

    is this similar to what you are looking for?

  • ThatSlickNerd

    Kind of. But, basically it would look as if "two" Discords were open at once. One Discord window would be all of Discord showing your servers and everything else, the other Discord window would just have the Voice/Video DM call that the user would be in. It would be "Popped-Out" from your normal Discord application.

    To put into comparison, it's as if you were using Google Chrome and you would drag the tab (This would be the Voice/Video DM call) out from Google Chrome, but still would be able to use Google Chrome for anything else. There would now be two Google Chrome applications open at one time.

    I hope that makes sense.

  • m-montii

    There is now a similar process for when you are videochatting with people. I'm hoping that the Discord team applies something similar with just texting so we can have it up at the same time as doing something else.