Multiple voice channels and voice whispering/messaging



  • evil

    I don't share your concerns at all, @White_King Make these features disabled by default for all servers, but allow server admins to enable them if they wish to make use of advanced features.

    I'm okay if you need a boosted server for this to become available, too, but - bottomline - semi-serious gaming needs a lot of coordination and right now, discord feels more like a hindrance than an advantage if you want to coordinate more than 5-10 people each with different tasks & roles in game.

  • White_King

    They will have to implement it in a very user frendly way because I know some people that use discord will get sacred very easy with this kind of feature.

  • lenninscjay

    I can't believe this isn't upvoted more! 

    What if I want to raid with my guild but hangout in a separate channel with my buddies who aren't playing the same game ect.

    Being able to join multiple voice channels across servers, volume mix/prioritize audio outputs, and bind separate PTT's for voice channels as well as PTT keys to whisper to select individuals/channels should be a priority!


    Edit: make it a nitro/boosted feature to get some ROI on the investment then. I know a lot of servers for Eve Online would probably pony up for this feature.