I want to verify my account with phone number but I don't receive the message



  • Mysterious Peanut

    I need to verify!! I'm not getting the message for the 6diget code! FIX IT PLZ!!

  • stefi

    any updates? did you mananged to solve the problem? i have the same problem


  • a1day1ant

    Im having the same problem right now how do you fix it?

  • Gooeybluey

    Yeah I am also having that problem

  • bigbashleague

    I also didn't recieve the code. Do let me know as well if you find out any helpful answer.

  • 『mask』

    discord is broken, someone should sue discord for making such an horrible verification method, everyone here haves the same problem, but not one single solution, whenever we do anything, these stupid robo-hamsters think we are hacking our own account or idk, i thought these stuff only happened to me and a small amount of people, but now seeing that it happens to a lot of other people, i am extremely disappointed with discord's service, it is simply the worser i've ever seen, extremely disappointing, discord has potentital, but it is not executed well, it is made horribly, i am sorry, but it is true.

  • Audrey.

    ok wtf I have messaged them 5 times now and I still get no help! Discord should remove phone verification all together and just stick to e-mail. My life is on discord. I have very very important people on there. It's been a week and I will update you guys on my case every now and again.

  • angiethegiraffe

    It didn't work for until i put my number with the dashes between them like this: 


    instead of 1234567891

  • ♡ | M o o n

    I think I need to verify it by phone number too, but where do I even write the number? This is so sad, discord is my whole life- ;(

  • chair

    I also didn't get my 6 digit code. Discord, why?

  • VComrade

    No verification code, no matter how many times I try

  • AspirinCola YT

    Hey Discord Devs
    you know I think you should do to fix this?

    Remove the Phone Verification Method All Together
    so this does not happen again

  • Imposter

    Why hasn't discord still looked into this? It's been almost a month since i contacted them. People, we need to do something.

  • 𝘼𝙎𝙏𝙍𝙊ツ

    Okay this is annoying af. Discord needs to fix this. I send emails and only few replies came back and the last one says they will look into it and got no reply since. I also have nitro in my account and its just being useless. I'm not getting the 6 digit code in my sms. Seems  like a lot of ppl are having this issue and discord is still not fixing this problem. Its been 2 weeks since I could access my account
    Please fix this asap!

  • FireSpark

    I tried whatever I could, it seems the issue is that the phone number we are using is not able to receive messages because it might have been used sometime in the past or network carrier issue.

    Solution : Use a number that you have never used before with Discord. Try friends/family members numbers. I tried 5 different numbers and received the verification sms on 5th number within 15 sec.

    Sorry if this might not resolve your issue, however this did work for me.

  • Randall_RBLX

    Same here I’ve been waiting and yet I still haven’t got one

  • vibhash

    Same problem

  • infaredz

    Im trying to join a community but it needs my phone verification code and I can't receive it

  • CaptainZ

    Same here fix it 

  • Aegeus

    I have same problem. Pls fix it


    I am so so disappointed with discord team, they don't even care about us.. I emailed them about my main id which I m. Unable to recover as my backup. Codes expired.. Now I lost my phone number of alt I'd altho I still has access in laptop.. I mailed them but no response.. I m utterly frustrated

  • BingBingBoi

    I’m moving to another platform. :/

  • Txilkyu


  • d3fec7

    This worked for me use a QR code scanner (I used Google authenticator). It gives you the 6 digit code, then enable sms verification.

  • MightyMax!

    Update 3: After a lifetime from my initial ticket and at least 20 follow ups until their system dropped my complaint.. original account s200200919...

    An advice which might be very late for you but not to a friend... dont buy their Nitro subscription...

    I had this and btw, only if u r one of the luckiest a real person will deal with it otherwise they will close the ticket with nothing except the time and effort you wasted calling ur provider and doing other stupid stuff they will ask you to do...

    Now the advice to not buy the Nitro? its simply because they will not refund your money and will definitely not fix their trash system so ur money is gone for nothing... Yes I requested a refund since I have the phone verification disbaled but their trash system forced it on me, then then they said yes sure u have the right for that, then another automated msg to tell me you've been fooled and we owe u nothing but in a polite/ decent way...

    solution to this issue btw, just make another account just dont use this service for anything sensitive as its not reliable!!

    Worst service ever! 

    Thank you

  • space pirates

    guys me too have this same problem why cant they give email verification

  • Horizon

    Same here and it’s annoying cuz I use my discord account every day and now I’m cut away from contacting my friends.

  • Juman

    Same here. I tried contacting them and gave them the required info. Waiting for reply. I even tried using two mobile numbers. The verification code is just not coming. Man I hate this.

  • Proamarthya

    Me too f discord pls fix

  • Imposter

    man this sucks. It's been a month since i contacted them. The last message i received from them is that they'll be escalating it to the team member. Nothing happened after that. 

    And why don't they take a look at their forum? Seems like there are many people facing the issue.