• yonderbread

    I think you misunderstand how the authentication in Discord (and in most other social media platforms) work. You stay signed in no matter what (usually) unless you log out of your account. Whether your website credentials have been saved locally to your browser or not does not change how Discord authenticates you.

  • Tiberis79

    Actually no, that's not what I am saying.  I logged out, I verified under chrome's settings in passwords that the site credentials have been cleared.  If the computer is then restarted, I go to chrome on discord's web platform (not the ap) and click "open discord" it opens right into my account without any login at all.  I verified it was me logging into that computer and that browser once and now for the life of that PC I am logged in every time the computer restarts.  That is not how most social media works, that is a security whole a mile wide, and discord is going to get sued when a hacker figures that out and starts nicking people's discord accounts by just opening the web discord and clicked "open". 

    For example:  If I log onto facebook, log out of facebook, restart that computer and go to facebook, facebook does NOT log me in without a login, nor does live, nor does google plus. 

    In a bizaar bit of coding, if I log out and try to log on BEFORE the computer is restarted is DOES require me to sign back in.  Once more proving, this RESTART phenomenon is NOT a feature of social media, no one social platform does it, it is a security BUG, and a big one.  I should not be able to log out of all my accounts, restart my computer and bypass all security. 

  • Tiberis79

    Here are the steps to repeat this bug;

    1) login in a verify discord from a web browser on any computer.
    2) log off, make sure your login creds are cleared under chrome.
    3) verify log out by trying to open it again; you will find it requires authentication which is proper. 
    4) Do not log back in. 
    5) restart the PC
    6) go to discord and from a web browser and click open.
    7) discord will open your account without prompting a login, even though you logged out and your credentials have been cleared.

  • Tiberis79

    Same steps on any other social media platform will NOT let you open your account again without a password. Verified with Facebook and Google+

  • linz

    Hi. You need to go under the settings on discord, and you should be able to turn off automatic logins. Good luck!

  • coofakey

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  • m0lly.gloom

    Even though I’ve deleted Discord it says “Open” on the App Store which is confusing me, and every time I restart my phone it appears again however if I open the app it instantly crashes and the discord logo is not there. I need help guys ._.||

  • juice

    Uninstal the app again and restart google play/apple app store/microsoft store (wichever ur using) then restart your device repeat if it doesn't work the first time and if it doesn't work by the Thur either
    1 deal with it
    2 ask a discord app manager
    or 3 call customer service/go to your provider (tmobile,apple,ECT)

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    People sperging out over privacy is the main reason for people losing access to their accounts

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    Just an FYI, it sounds like the page is cached.  You need to clear your web browser's cache or if you go back to the page, hit the refresh button.  You can google clear cache for the web browser you are using and it will show you how. 

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    I had too create a second account, I can't seem to put my account on different devices


    I need code

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  • kysvinny

    today i tried logging into discord. and when i pressed “log in” it sent me to a verification to make sure im not a robot. discord usually does not do this. and when i passed the verification it said “new login detected, please check your e-mail.” and i tried logging in several times. then i went to discord websites to where you could log in at. as i am typing this i am logged out from my account on the actual app, but yet i can log in on discord websites. ive had this problems before, and i dont know whats going on but please reassure a solution to this. cause when this first happened i felt like somebody had gotten into my account, and locked me out. which is not a safe feeling at all. and now i feel as if somebody actually is seeing as i tried logging in several times. but it all showed the same thing. deleted the app, and downloaded it again. same thing.

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