Active Now Tab, Toggle ON/OFF Option-



  • Frolo

    please for the love of god. it should not take up nearly the entire friendlist

  • Holodoc

    This is an unnecessary part of my Discord usage. As others have said, it in fact interferes with features that are needed. I want the choice to make the Active Now area to disappear. ty

  • Ducky

    There should be a setting that allows us to make adjust how much of our discord window it takes. and DEFIANTLY a toggle option, because it is a huge waste of space for those of us who use direct messaging.

  • Knouvael'Qeskre (Feathertooth)

    Direct messaging was what I did most in Discord. This bar, with the addition to the Nitro button, makes the functionality worse. DMs is one of the reasons why I like Discord as much as I do.

  • JeremyDean

    I would definitely love a way to turn this off, super annoying. 

  • Blackbird26

    Just make it collapsible the same way the members list is on group DMs.and Servers.

  • Rikka

    It clutters up SO much and overall looks awful. Please make it optional in settings. Discord hardly listens to feedback and it's annoying.

  • Mr. Pickles

    If you are going to add or impalement a new feature that shows what people are doing and have it take up a bunch of space NEVER ADD IT WITH NO WAY OF TURNING IT OFF! It takes up almost a third of my screen and is extremely annoying. If I want to know if someone is doing something I will ask them... I don't need peoples activity being forced in my face... please add a way to disable it.

  • Katie LVL35 SJW

    My discord friends never play video games! I don't need to know who has renamed Google Chrome to eternal suffering.exe!

  • Chr0n4s

    yeah since this happened my online friends list shows also my offline friends...

  • Gecko

    I won't have this panel, and won't be displayed into, it allow people which add me for professional reason to stalk me efficiently instead of being discret like any other contacts.

    This feature SUCKS!

  • Katie LVL35 SJW

    I'm cool with showing who is offline, but doesnt that make the all friends tab entirely redundant?

  • Bossforleader

    At least make the feed not take up 1/3rd of the width of the discord window

  • Carlo

    Like the others I would prefer to be able to collapse the "active now" part of the friends window. and I also would like the friend-list to go back to only showing people online, instead of people online at the top. its very difficult with a quick glance now to see who is actually online.

  • cooky560

    I agree, this section doesn't help anyone, right now there are 4 streamers and 16 people on my friends list playing games and it says "Nobody is playing anything".

    Even if this wasn't true, my sole purpose of discord usage is to chat with my wow guild during raiding, I don't want this big fugly panel using 1/3rd of the friend's list screen.


    While we're on this topic, why the hell are "offline" friends shown on the "online" tab now?

  • spaceconfession

    This is a horribly implemented design feature that hurts more than it helps. We already had the option to see others' activity upon signing in, then again with individual users' status messages. There is no need for an activity tab that is everpresent, let alone one that takes up an entire third of your friends" tab. I'm unsure if this was properly beta tested and approved, but it needs to be either reworked with an opt-in/out option and resize/collapse/hide ability, or completely rolled back. 

  • cooky560

    Given discord now includes options to "help tailor discord" with data collection, I think there is a greater, worse purpose behind this feature, namely enhanced telemetry, I am sorely disappointed Discord and if this feature isn't rolled back, well our guild still has a good old team speak server we can go back to.

  • spaceconfession

    Oh that is. Extremely good to know, I'd missed that. Thanks for bringing it to my attention so I can promptly turn all that off. Teamspeak and Slack were always nightmares for me but I'm sure I could get my static to switch over if we need to. 

  • ⚡ Shinni ⚡

    1. I could already see what my friends were playing before Discord took away 1/3 of my screen.

    2. Now my 'Online' tab also displays offline friends.


    Who on this green Earth thought this was a good idea?

  • Kfoxy

    Discords ui designer is afraid of losing their job or is becoming overambitious. Keep complaining until they revert!

  • Wraith

    This change needs to be reverted along with the showing offline friends in the online tab.  Come on guys, stop "fixing" what isn't broken.

  • Argee Lince

    I am not interested, in what games my friends play. I absolutely don't care about that.

    Give me the opportunity to remain in the dark! And [censored] off this thing from my screen!

  • Pure Paradox

    I wouldn't either understand such an implementation. The previous friends tab already displayed activity as their status message. Having two things stating that is extremely redundant. Custom statuses are the only defence I could see for this, but even they aren't common enough to register something of this caliber.

  • knux

    Get off my god damn screen, this is the most unnecessary thing added ever. Logged in here just to voice my opinion.

  • gok

    Signing in just to say this new Discord feature is absolute garbage. Very poorly devised. What were they thinking? Taking up 1/3 of my screen with a section like that... so dumb.


    Please make this annoying "Active Now" section removeable.

    Please make the list of "Online" friends not show the offline friends, and not show it at all.

  • AxelDominatoR

    Adding myself to the list of people complaining. You should be able to hide the "Active Now" completely (for people like me who are not interested in the slightest in a feature that takes 1/3rd of the screen) and the online friends tab should only show online friends. I hope it was a bug/mistake, otherwise: what where you thinking?!?

  • cooky560

    Given there was an update last night and no change (though I’ve not looked today) I think it’s here to stay.

  • thumbtak

    Please remove active now tab. I have switched to Pidgin + Discord plug as this is annoying.


    EDIT: Using Chrome, you can block it by doing the following ...


    Go to the web app.

    Using the tool you installed in Chrome, disable element by creating a block for it. This is done with a right click. Keep doing this on the area. First it will remove the visible element, but a blank spot will be left. Keep doing it on the blank spot till it is gone. 

    Of course this is not the best way to fix this, but it does help for the time. Discord needs to implement this feature. Not just when you zoom in with ctrl  and +.

  • Tiger

    Come on, Discord devs. You're better than this. Both the Active Now tab and the Nitro button are really obnoxious. I've gone back and forth on whether or not to purchase Nitro for a while, my only hesitance being the price... Until this. I'm not sure you could have placed it anywhere less user-friendly. Somehow though, the Active Now tab manages to be even worse!

    Here's an idea: if you want to "use and process information about how (we) navigate and use Discord, including new feature experiments (you) test." How about you actually provide the relevant options to discern whether or not users even want to use these features to begin with? As without being able to toggle the Active Now tab on/off, the data you gather from this experiment will be skewed and misrepresentative of the user consensus.

    Sadly, I have to agree with the dozens of other posts regarding this terrible implementation. Forcing poorly conceived, badly designed features on your userbase reeks of the lazy, underhanded, out-of-touch practices other social media platforms have become so infamous for, losing the respect and trust of their formerly satisfied patrons.

    Please correct this, for your own sakes!


  • Rali ♡

    So allow me to say something. First and it's been 3-4 years you implemented the most horrendous and worthless block feature of all time, and you did not listen to feedback whatsoever from your own community in regards of it.


    Secondly the things you get for Nitro "Classic" on their own are not worth paying it, as it is as you get a limitation of 50mb/file and can't even change you own name/pfp as much as you want. Who thought it's a good idea to get greedy and make an even more useless Nitro AGAIN with limitations for double the price?. Not even Skype had MB and pfp/name limitations but OKAY.


    And thirdly, if it wasnt bad enough now you add the creepiest feature ever by allowing people to LITERALLY stalk where their friends are by seeing them in vc's EVEN if they're appearing offline. This is honestly, disgusting.


    I am not sure what alternatives to discord there is, but I think this is the time to check them. I know losing 1 person is not a big deal, however I encourage you to stop roleplaying as much in e-mails and start listening to the feedback your community gives you, because if not it will blow up like poor Sonic did. 


    Thanks for your time! Bless ya xx