IOS Mobile - Possibility of disable join/leave sound



  • Amstadam

    Same here, it's annoying that no one has responded to you.I can't tell you how annoying it is on my morning call with 300 people.

  • allenna

    Yes, this is so annoying! Especially in music channels where the music is constantly interrupted by the sound of people joining and leaving.

  • TLSky

    Or when your sleep is interrupted by a ping after a DC in a mutual sleep chat. Silent VC can be helpful to alleviate insomnia and build a sleep schedule. You don't wanna wake up ppl in the night, but in the morning you don't wanna go back to sleep until the afternoon again either. However if your router disconnects at 3am for a new IP, the reconnect takes a while, you DC from the VC and then discord pings you back awake... kills the entire concept.

  • BlueAgent

    In the past there wasn't join and leave sounds on mobile, which was great.
    Please allow us to disable them again or adjust their volume since it is very loud with no way to adjust it softer relative to voice.