The "Active Now" tab.



  • technoxenoholic

    discord keeps implementing features that i want to turn off with no way to do so, and this is yet another in a long string of frustrations. custom statuses are fantastic, but that's pretty much been the only thing i've appreciated among their updates in the past few months. "active now" is just the worst, and i miss the "mutual servers" thing too

  • Kfoxy

    Discords UI designer is becoming far overambitious with tons of changes and features that nobody asked for, needs, or wants. Wonder if discord is cutting people out and someone really still wants their ui job. With something like discord especially hiding unwanted things could only make it better HINT HINT.

  • Ducky

    They keep adding features like this, it makes it harder to continue using discord. i used to boast about how great discord is. but now im on the verge of looking for a new platform =/

    I get discord wants to have new and cool features, but it feels like they don't even test them out before they launch them. Having the ability to toggle them on and off would be nice.

  • WorldofBay

    Any time i enter the friends tab now i am tempted to make the window smaller because on small widths that stupid "active now" thing vanishes. But once i go into a chat the small window is ... well small.

    I don't see any reason to have it. It at least made the annoying acticity feed mention that asked me to activate activity feed go away but it replaced it with some kind of activity feed, so exactly the thing i didn't want in the first place. I don't care what those other people are doing 99% of the time and if i do i look at their status or ask them directly.

  • Joshi!

    "Active Now" is such a weird, useless part of the UI.  Why can't I turn it off?  Why is it persistent across the entirety of the friends list?  Why does it take up SO MUCH space when it's displaying so little information? Almost all of this info could be (and used to be!) displayed far more compactly and usefully as part of the friends list itself.  The extra info could easily just be pushed into its own tab, its own list alongside "Pending" and "Blocked" that I just never have to look at because I'm never going to find the information there useful

    What is with the last couple updates to the UI being so bad?


    This is driving me crazy please for god sake find a way to turn this off... it is preventing my screen reader from reading who is online.  

  • Chimera

    Can we please lose the "Active Now" feature?  I am in a private server and don't want someone to just "go to the server" to see what's going on in there.  Some of those messages in that server have to do with my work, not exactly something I need just any random "friend" to be able to view!  Why would you make invasion of my privacy a thing in discord?  Wasn't Skype bad enough? You had to top it?

  • Autumnmane

    Personally I find the Active Now tab really invasive as well as taking up far too much space.

    I don't want to creep on what every single person in my mutual servers is doing, especially when they have no way to opt out of displaying it and I have no way to toggle the tab off.

    Like many people have said, we already have a perfectly good way to display what games/apps we're playing, and it's one we get to actually opt in or out of. I don't see why this tab is necessary at all, let people have some privacy, Discord isn't Facebook, geeze. 

  • Reaper666735

    we really need a toggle for this .... , in what way is this a mandatory feature for the average user ???

  • TheMarkus1204

    Since this crap still exists and only gets worse (Stage Channels), it is meant to stay WITHOUT an option to opt-out or hide it / hide your activity as you are even shown there while being invisible (which for me is a NO GO!)

    But since devs are not able to implement a toggle for this... ... ...