Come on Discord! What's with this update?



  • Animal

    who even asked for this update though

  • FortmoteWerlsCup

    Discord has made a few minor UI changes in the past that were bad but if this doesn't get reverted or made optional I'm going to have issues using Discord. It's is actually infuriating how bad the new UI is.

  • ⚡ Sparks T.⚡

    Can confirm on the anxiety thing. 
    This new ui is genuinely painful to look at for me. 
    It's literally giving me cursed vibes.

    I am massively uncomfy. Discord p l e a s e revert it.

  • Sen

    Broke a bunch of custom css and generally made the whole experience feel like crap. It's not hard to just keep the current ui

  • Connor.

    They should really make the amoled thing a full thing and not just partial as it looks like shit tbh I hate the new ui it looks bad :/

  • Jumpy♡

    I personally like the new UI, however I agree with the notion that Discord should actually use their UI settings. How difficult would it really be to implement a toggle for lined mode vs no lines?
    For the time being, some things you can do to decrease anxiety are:
    Increasing space between messages (max spacing makes it the same as old Discord) and adjusting your zoom levels to make Discord a more comfortable experience for you.