Nitro Boost - Suggestion



  • Ferzous♪

    i guess you can change the boosted server to other server that you want to boost


    You can, you just have to wait for the 7 day cooldown to end and then you can transfer your boost to the specific server you would like to boost.

  • Andre_601

    You can unboost a server with the downside of a cooldown of 7 days before you can boost again.

    In addition does a Discord keep their current boost-level until the end of the month from what I know, as a sort of "buffer" so that someone could fill the spot before they lose the perks.

    To move your boost, go to your Settings and then "Server Boost". There you select the boost(s) of your choice, by clicking on the tree dots and select "Transfer Boost". In the pop-up do you now select the new Discord you want to boost and confirm your selection. You're done!