Notification Volume Slider



  • Sylvanus

    I also need this, it gets more and more urgent each day. I have to mute and unmute groups all the time because of this. Please Discord, this doesn't seem very complicated compared to things like Go Live.

  • Voraga

    I have had to disable all notifications because of the need to have separate volume levels, (which it does in windows Volume Mixer, but the notifications sets the discord volume on the computer on reboot, meaning I have to up the volume for the main voice process again every day.) Please give us a way to protect our ears from your notifications without straight up turning them off.


    A simple slider that gives us access to the control already built into discord that saves the volume levels would be amazing.



  • Jovian

    While I'm on my laptop, notification sounds are significantly louder than on my desktop, to the point of being uncomfortable. My volume settings are very similar, for both my system and for discord, and the only way to bring notifications to a reasonable volume is to reduce discord's volume to the point where I cannot hear my friends at 200% volume. However, this is not a problem on my desktop, so simply being able to adjust separate sounds should be a viable solution because volume settings are machine bound already, not account bound. Furthermore, more control over audio is a feature that I think many people would enjoy once implemented, even if they don't ask for it, much like getting a mouse with thumb buttons; I didn't think I needed them until I had them, and now I can't go without.


    You guys have done a fantastic job making this incredible tool used across the world, and I'm excited to see it get even better! 

  • Fizzys

    Please, I need this. My notification volume resets to 100% on windows everytime I connect and disconnect my headset. I'm tired of having to figure out which of the 2 identical volume sliders is the notification one in my windows volume mixer everytime.

  • bohdai

    yes PLEASE!! the volume sliders for adjusting individual users are not sufficient to raise up users after lowering the main volume to place the notifications at the right level.

    if you have the volume set so you can hear people, the notifications are too loud and disruptive and hurt your ears. please give the notifications their own volume so users can employee the usefulness of the notifications without them being painful

    alternatively, allow the individual user volume level to boost the signal far greater than it currently does.

  • Mophise

    I have people in my group that are far too quiet, and 2 audio outputs. I crank the volume of the output that discord is on in order to hear the quietest people. This means that all notifications are screaming volume.

    Please either let me adjust notification volume, or let me play notifications through a different audio output.

    This isn't just a request for the sake of convenience. I either have to have no audio cues for what's going on in chat, or I get headaches.

  • Sigafool

    I second this as well. You can change the volume in the audio mixer for windows but it resets all the time and the notifications are SO loud. It's really not a complicated thing to add and nearly every software with notifications has it. Please discord.

  • RandyBeavers

    Not being able to reduce/increase ringtone and other notification volume levels is kind of ridiculous, innit? I mean how long has Discord been out without this basic option? Tinnitus, here we go!


  • Soft

    still waiting for this! seems so easy to add idk why it would take this long

  • spooks7er


    I'm voting for this one.

  • White Wind

    i just talked to discord support and they told me to come here to upvote it because they consider the upvotes here when making decisions. if you care about this issue and have friends that care about the same thing, try to convince them to leave feedback here and an upvote, for a greater chance that they'll implement the feature.

  • Longsday

    Bump. We need dat thing.

  • -[Finn The Drox]-

    still isnt a thing... ive seen posts asking for this from 5 years ago... 
    i have a lot of doubts that discord even reads these.
    just make it a feature. i dont wanna adjust my sound every time i wanna voice chat with people and then get worried about landmine ear explosions from pings. 

  • yuty89

    How has no one made a mod for this?  Please discord just fix this.

  • Lightingsworth

    I'm aware there's a notification volume slider in windows but it drags discords entire volume down to its level whenever the computer is restarted or woken up from sleep.

    There needs to be a volume control INSIDE the app itself that retains your settings for notifications, my hearing is pretty hypersensitive so the notification sound hits me like its 500% unless its adjusted.

  • enkay

    Please make it happen or at least some sort of addon in case ppl dont want it

  • Ruuds

    and its still not a feature this is so annoying compared to other things like videos on YouTube or call volumes the discord notification is extremely loud 

  • Lasagna

    I need this feature too! I was about to make another post about it. Seems like there has been no action or answer on it for 2 years now. Discord owners, please see this thread! I know with your big programming brains it is possible to achieve creation of a new setting for adjusting the volume of notifications in-app. Lets do it!!

  • yuty89

    Found a fix for yall! and then get this addon ... BOOM fixed... not by discord of course...


    I just want to be able to lower the volume of the incoming ringtone.  It jump scares me and hurts my ears when I have headphones on.