Add 'Go Live' support for API



  • SV

    Full send on this idea!

  • ThatOneCalculator

    Agreed! Let's get this upvoted!!

  • Purple

    That would be nice for things like sync watch video!

    like an evolution of listening music togheter in call

  • JamesHHH

    You could do that or we could use OpenGL to render our own scenes, like visual feedback for server games like Kahoot

  • StringRay

    We totally need this!!

  • xavi

    10000000% needed. Developing bots on discord for server events with the ability to do this would be incredible. Being able to stream from a video source(Similar to embedded images) would be great for movie nights, watching streamers together, watching funny videos, and overall bringing people together. I could see that it could cause rate limit issues, but this shouldn't cause an issue since discord doesn't host user's bots. It's a no-brainer. I would definitely use this feature if it were added to the API.

  • Zomatree

    pointless and bandwidth heavy

  • silasary

    On the other side of things, it would be nice if a bot could stream someone else's Go Live, so that a bot ala could save videos.

  • 初星-はつぼし-

    I can't write a program, but I agree with it because I have many ideas.

  • Elite

    Apparently my previous post from a month ago was Auto-Robo logged - So we'll just snippet it :p

  • Toast

    I really want this. It would be really cool if I could send video streams from my pc to the server

  • Arch

    This would be nice for things like watching youtube videos with friends.

  • vyeghikoo

    As members of a server, we want want to transmit Twitch lives in a channel voice in order to watch and talk about the same transmission.

  • DavideVito

    This could be really useful, create a watch2gether like bot. 

  • RGTube

    Wow, I'm surprised this already isn't apart of the API for bot devs. I'm holding a Minecraft Live event on my server this weekend and I was looking to see if there was a way to stream the actual event on discord with a bot. Hopefully, this gets added in the future. 

  • KlookKindaCute

    Yes we need this 1000000%! Discord listen up!

  • ZincOS

    Discord is scared of data overload. they're just not optimized for this that's all(I'm pretty sure they use the chrome google meet software for the "Go Live", so its not like they want any issues they don't know how to deal with.)Safe to say, Its not gonna happen.

  • DavideVito

    But I was wondering, what is the difference between a user that streams or use the video and a bot doing that?

  • Nothingness

    It's nice when you can watch videos and movies from Youtube and other links, when you can chillin out without any user streaming and let the bot does , this will be really useful for servers at Discord and many people wanted this too

    Well that's my comment for this, thanks

  • call.me_dark

    Please do bring "Go Live" to Discord bots! Imagine how cool it’d be

  • sowhatdoido


    The use case could be for dedicated streams that you don't necessarily want to burden your own computer with, whether it's due to bandwidth concerns or just the fact the application you're trying to stream needs to stay open on your computer but you don't want to leave your machine on. With this feature, you can spin up server on your cloud provider and write a bot that will stream what you need, then just let it run after you're done.

  • ZincOS

    The difference between a user and a bot is that a bot can spam stream really quickly. You can see why this would be a problem for Discord, that trashy company.

  • Elite

    That's not necessarily true - Access through API uses a token system - Which allows for discord to set rate-limits. If it sends too many keep-alive/heartbeat requests within a set timeframe, they can just disable the feature on your bot temporarily.

  • Gökay

    You guys concerned about heavy bandwidth but it doesn't have to be streamed over Discord servers.

    If they allow playing RTSP, RTMP streams directly inside of Screen share or even playing video source with time sync across all users would be a great feature.

    The first approach would be easier to develop and allow bot developers to make different types of applications but the second one will be a major update and I believe most of the discord users will be used that feature often.

  • ZincOS

    You have to remember that discord isn't trying to make its service pleasant for nonpaying users(ie bots).

    They likely plan to add a heavy price tag to such a simple feature. 

  • ZincOS

    As for setting rates and what not, that's just more work for Discord. Why would they want to do that of they won't make any money off of it? I mean, they're not stupid(unlike Google. You should see the amount of free sh** that company has basically wasted without making a penny on it. Freemium models don't work the way you think they do.) 

  • Gökay

    Google, Facebook, etc are converting their higher user base to money using advertisements. They got plenty of data to target the right clients for businesses and that's the key to a successful business, product sales, etc.

    Every freemium model also has a premium user model included. First, they give lots of useful features to the users for free than they offer better, more wide services to that user with a small price, that's how they gather lots of free users and convert them into paying users.

  • _megz

    I'm completely on board with this idea, it'll be really useful for a whole new range of applications
    I'm surprised this isn't present in the API already
    Pls make this happen devs :D

  • Aexhell

    I would love this for my bot!

  • pixel253

    like playing a youtube video using a bot
    or watch anime using a bot B)