This new UI is really bad.



  • Arceus3251

    The past couple were horrible across every devices. I HATE the Rectangles on Desktop. When long pressing on mobile, you don't even see the message you're long pressing. It's awful. The UI was completely fine before. I don't understand why they changed it

  • altcode

    I also dislike the large rectangles. It brings an unnecessary amount of ugly space that doesn't even truly reflect your unique profile picture. And the not-being-able-to-see-muted/deafened-folks? Absolute garbage. I have discord open in my second monitor and I used to be able to just glance over and see "ok, that's why they aren't responding, they're deafened/muted" but now I need to manually select the discord window and hover over the people if I remotely think they may or may not be deafened or muted.

  • Angel


    I personally came to this feedback section to actually talk about this clunky new interface. Honestly, I am glad sixteen other people made it here first than I did... assuming it actually makes a difference.

    I can think of at least 28 different ways to execute what your design team is attempting to do... I think you guys are trying to silently drift away from the initial aim of Discord, and I don't mind it... though without design-consistency, you are failing terribly and your users are not satisfied with it.
    You are no longer a game-focused social platform, so don't expect to have a settled monopoly. If your users are not satisfied, you are going to lose them.
    I don't mean to sound harsh or angry, I am not... though I can't quite say the same for the feelings of users that keep on being exposed to poorly-executed alterations to their UIs.

  • BroD&D

    I'd like to second OP and push for the notion of having the option to roll back to the old UI! Change for the sake of change is nothing but pointless and in this case, destructive. Rabbit took a fatal blow for the same reasons, please don't start a repeat of unwanted forced change on your userbase.

  • kingepic84

    i second this


  • Tonny

    I agree so much. Discord looks like some Fisher Price game that was made for Windows XP back in 2001 for kids to play. Revert the damn update and actually implement it when you don't lose any features.

  • robybeen

    I also hate the new UI so much, I loved the circles how they where before when calling. Now you can't even see if someone is muted when in call. I would at least make a setting to choose between the old one and the new one

  • Jaden

    Yeah, just adding my support to this, the circles and old layout are iconic, and most people i've talked to don't like the rectangles. Also the New UI 's screen share does not take up the full screen. Instead theres a big black bar on the right side to make space for the rectangles. . . @discord

  • GunZ

    Im here to leave a tactical support of the thread dot. Yeah, while this certainly wont make me go away from discord, like other posts here claim its doing it, i would like to ask for the option to resize or revert this particular UI change, or suggest that you fix the image within as well as the mute or deafen icon, i mean you have even more real state in there now, use it to provide more or better information about said  person.

  • Lunchbox

    I hate it as well.  It comes out horribly ugly on videos as well.
    Now if I want to record a silly happening between my friends..

    Instead of having their profile picture around a nice round circle with green highlights for when they talk, I'm stuck with this gross and hard-to-see-the-dang-speech-highlight. :::vomit:::

  • Reaper666735

    another +1 for changing this horrible feature