Suggestion - An Ability for Bots to stream videos via VoiceChannels



  • encription



    would be cool but could be a problem in the future and users may summon the bot to play inappropriate content that could be illegal too, there is bots that play sounds but that is only the tip of the iceberg 

  • Bricklou

    I don't think that's a good idea. Like Encription said just before it risks being hijacked to stream inappropriate content.

  • SarahK

    Having the ability to do this in the bot API is very different from adding a bot that does this to every server, and there's nothing wrong with adding support to the API. Remember, bots can only go onto a server if they're invited in by an admin on that server. Also, bots can have regulated permissions. If you set up the bot so that, for example, a user needs to have a certain role before the bot will act on the request, that would fix a huge part of the problem right there. Alternatively, you could set up bots so that they'll only play videos from a specific website or set of websites; this would mean that only content present on those websites will be available for play. A decent example might be YouTube. Either way, that assumes that the bot is pulling the video from the web, instead of from the environment on which it is running.

    Though that does beg the question of where the videos would be coming from... making it scrape the videos from other sites might be extremely challenging, depending on how the other sites are set up. If the video has to come from the bot's environment, though, that would drastically limit the usefulness of the bot.

    Either way, the idea gets a +1 from me.

  • advaith

    Streaming video in voice channels actually works but is undocumented and unsupported; at least one user has gotten it working

  • Skeddtemp

    should discord ban uploading images too because the images could contain illegal content?

    not a good reason to disallow it.