Allow us to Search for images sent by user



  • SarahK

    This is a good point, actually. Most of the time I use Discord search, what I put in the search bar is an infrequently-used word that I recall being used near some image I'm trying to find... if there wasn't a word like that, or I can't remember one, I'm in trouble.

    I've used Discord to collaborate with other people when working on game mods. Other people on the team might, for example, upload several texture files for an item, when there's a whole lot of discussion going on about the item, too. If I need to find some textures that somebody uploaded a few weeks or months back, it can be almost impossible to find what I'm looking for.

  • Maisy

    Like urhcin said, "from: <user> has: image" allows you to search for images from a user