AMOLED Dark Mode for IPhone



  • CalebOWolf

    Agreed, i do have an iphone which doesn’t have an oled screen but I would still like to be able to have a true dark mode for discord. The system has a true dark mode but other apps do, some do it better and some do it barely. But most apps just go straight to pure black, which id love to see discord integrate into the ios app

  • Hekkland

    Now with the launch of the iPhone 12 series there’s hardly an excuse not to support a pitch black dark mode. All iPhones from now onwards are likely to have OLED displays.

  • m0r1zard 17

    Yess pleasee have a real dark mode for discord on iOS as its not fare!!! We all too wanna experience real dark mode so please for gods sake enable it pleaseeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guibo

    Yeah I don’t really understand why iPhone users don’t have it. Here’s a better question, why doesn’t apple support it? Unless they do and I’m just missing something

  • Hekkland

    Apple does support it. As an example, the Twitter app for iOS has a “lights out” option for dark mode on iOS. Any app can have a total black pixels are turned off style option, it’s just a matter of that app choosing to implement it.

  • Guibo

    @Hekkland Oh, okay. I think it would be really neat if apple implemented the “super dark” mode it looks really cool

  • sebikoerner

    @Dink iOS System Apps have been pitch black since Dark Mode was introduced in iOS 13, with many 3rd party apps following. Most messengers have a True Black Dark Mode with WhatsApp even having their own dark wallpapers and adjustable brightness of the wallpaper. It’s stupid that Discord haven’t enabled that feature for iOS. It’s been on Android for a while now.

  • Benji.

    Honestly, It's clear when I go into my battery settings that discord isn't any shy when it comes to using battery, For some reason android has an AMOLED mode but iOS doesn't? It would save significantly more battery. 

  • Ethanori

    Honestly, it’s getting quite annoying to not see a Super Dark Mode / AMOLED mode. Since all new iPhones from the iPhone 12 and 13 series now all of OLED.

    Dark mode can then help us the consumer to have longer battery life.

  • yoper ᐛ


  • Joshua

    Sorry to necro, but this is still not available on iOS??
    Having used Amoled Dark Mode for as long as I can remember on Android with zero issues, it’s shocking to see that it’s not available on iPhone… Please look at integrating this. For me, it’s essential for comfortable browsing.