Hiding Discord Messages



  • scribblement

    This feature is already available on Discord. If a user is bothering you with NSFW content outside of an unfiltered channel, you can block them. Apart from that, if a user shares NSFW content on a channel that does not have an NSFW filter, you have the right to report it via Discord Support.

  • S_h_a_r_k_93

    Simply block the user, that's what I thought too
    (blocking will compress their messages behind a "blocked message - show message" spoiler thing)

  • Natasha Oslen

    A feature that lets users hide specific messages from their view, while leaving them visible to others, would be a valuable addition to Discord. This could be especially useful for filtering out NSFW or sensitive content without disrupting conversations. By giving users control over their experience while maintaining conversation context, Discord could create a more personalized and inclusive environment. This feature could be implemented by allowing users to toggle message visibility, while server admins could manage permissions for channels. Such a feature aligns with Discord's commitment to user comfort and safety.

  • willson

    Hiding Discord messages can be done in a few different ways, depending on your specific needs and permissions on the server. Here are some common methods:

    Using Spoiler Tags:

    • Discord has a built-in spoiler tag feature that allows you to hide text or images behind a blurred overlay. To use it, simply wrap your message in two vertical bars followed by two colons, like this: ||Your hidden text or image||.

    Deleting Messages:

    • If you have the necessary permissions, you can delete messages that you want to hide. Right-click on the message you want to delete and select "Delete." Keep in mind that this will permanently remove the message, and it cannot be undone.

    Archiving Channels:

    • If you have the appropriate permissions on a server, you can archive channels. This effectively hides the entire channel from view for most members, making its content inaccessible until it is unarchived.

    Using Role Permissions:

    • Server administrators can control who can see specific channels or messages by adjusting role permissions. They can restrict access to certain channels or messages based on roles, making them effectively hidden from members without the necessary permissions.

    Limiting Message History:

    • Discord allows server administrators to limit the message history that new members can see. This means that messages sent before a certain date are effectively hidden from new members.

    Using Bots and Moderation Tools:

    • Some Discord bots and moderation tools offer features for hiding messages or implementing more advanced moderation controls. These can be useful for managing and hiding messages in a large server.

    Private Messaging:

    • If you want to have a private conversation or share sensitive information, you can use Discord's private messaging feature. Messages sent in private messages are only visible to the participants.

    Self-Deletion Bot:

    • There are bots available on Discord that allow users to send messages with a self-destruct timer. Once the timer runs out, the message is automatically deleted. This can be used to hide messages after a certain period.

    It's important to note that the effectiveness of these methods may vary based on your role and permissions within a server. Always ensure that you have the appropriate permissions or consult with the server administrator if you're unsure about how to hide messages or control access to specific content on a Discord server. Additionally, remember to follow Discord's Terms of Service and community guidelines when using these features.

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  • jamicko alsa

    Hiding Discord messages can be helpful in various situations, such as maintaining privacy or decluttering your chat history. Discord provides several features and methods for hiding messages. Here are some options like Travel Concerns

    Delete Messages:

    • You can delete your own messages or messages from others within a Discord server or direct message. To delete a message:
      • Right-click on the message you want to delete.
      • Select "Delete" or "Delete Message."
      • Confirm the action if prompted.
    • Note that deleted messages are still visible to other users until they refresh their chat or scroll away from the deleted message.

    Archive Channels:

    • Discord allows you to archive channels to declutter your server. When you archive a channel, it becomes read-only, and all messages in that channel are hidden from regular members. Only administrators can view the archived channel.
    • To archive a channel, right-click on the channel name, go to "Edit Channel," navigate to the "Overview" tab, and click "Archive Channel."