Events Feedback




    I wish we could add events that has already started as well

  • NemoKeine

    being able to set events to recur once a week, or month, etc would be very handy and desireable

  • Lepelfabriek

    yeah recurring events would be amazing, we have an IRL event every second tuesday of the month, and I it would be amazing to just plan ahead with a simple push of the button

  • BullFrogBen

    Agreed.  And Events by Role

  • Saluki

    This would be super useful +1


    I wish I could tag roles in the event itself (for events that happens elsewhere), so they get alerts that an event for them is planned, and that the number of interested shows next to the event listed on top of my channel list

  • Hellomynameis99

    Support. We also run weekly events, and this would mean that we don't need to ask people to mark themselves as "Interested" every time we have to create a new event for something that they've already said they want to be notified about.

    Being able to "end" an event without it deleting itself would also be helpful for this.

  • Charlignon

    Recurring events sounds great ! It would be very useful !

    Also, I would like to create events limited to specific roles !

  • Burrito

    Multiple options when RSVPing, or RSPVing with a comment at least, would be cool. For most MMO events (and some other games) a fixed team composition is necessary or there are certain minimum requirements where people need to be playing certain roles (e.g. Shotcaller, Tank, Healer, Bruiser, Support, etc) or the event can't happen.

    Please add the above as well as options for event templates so that recreating similar events is less painful.

    All of the above are already in popular raid/event helper bots. So if you need inspiration, simply take a look at those, as they include features that have already been requested, tried, and tested by Discord users - like most bots.

  • Shay

    Also requesting this functionality be added. Thank you

  • Sinjarah 🌸

    Our Community would love to use the Events feature. We play World of Warcraft and our Officers provide in-game Events for our Community. However the current state of your Events cannot work for us, and we would really, really would like to use it. We use Teamup currently and everyone has their own personal link for making Events so no one can edit or delete another's. We provide a link to our Teamup calendar so our Members can see what's upcoming in the days, weeks etc. But we'd like to remain in house with our events without going off-site.

    What hinders us from implementing it is, anyone with the role to make an Event, can edit, or delete others Events. Now we'd like to think no one would ever do that, but we know it can happen. As Admins we'd like the authority to edit or delete, not those of the same role. The owner of that Event should be the only one who can edit or delete their own Event, besides an Admin.

    Audit log does not show who's Event was edited, but does show that ie,  "Bob" updated an event, but not which one. 

    Also all our Events are held in Discord. However no one knows till the time of said Event what channel it will be held in (our Officers can make Events up to 2 weeks in advance). Maybe add a "voice channel to be determined" at time of Event. Also if selecting a Voice Event an ending time would be good too, not just starting time.

    When you have an Event "Happening now" it will only show 1 with the Green bar. We can at times have multiple Events happening now, we'd like those showcased as well.
    Thank you

  • Eli Hurst

    There are a few items I would love to see work with the new event system. I bulleted them below.

    • More role permissions - Changing visibility/usage based on role
    • Different Event Types - Simple date reminders vs scheduled activity
    • Event Party - In tandem to the above point it would be nice to have a limit on people who can attend as well has having an amount of "reserve" slots for back fill an attendee fails to make the event. However continue keeping the "Show Interest" button available so people can see show their desire to participate.
    • Date/Time Stamp - Rather than make the list alphabetized it would be nice to see a date/time stamp of who joined as well as making a column for the order of who joined for "First Come First Serve" events.
    • Permissions For Access - Making more specific permissions to edit, create, or update items as well as a log to show who and when updated an event. Also, to give permissions to edit certain fields of the event listing. 
    • Calendar View - Actually making a calendar view would be cool just to visualize things, as well as seeing little symbols for events already planned on that date. 

    These are just suggestions I would really like to see. Hope more comes out soon! 

    p.s. - Thank you so much for not taking an offer for some buy out by a company who would ruin what golden software you have provided the world with. Discord crushes any chat application out there, so thanks for making this such an amazing one! 

  • Ash1984

    The events feature was definitely a great addition to discord but there's one enhancement it could do with.

    When there 2 or more events that are the same time only the first one added is shown at the top.

    I would be handy if it would continuously scroll through all active events.

    Another option would be to have a scrolling banner across the top of all channels.

    The option to add posters to the event instead of links or locations would also be nice to have.