Is this message real or fake?



  • scribblement


    First of all, remember that this is for feedback and suggestions.

    However, since you are still waiting for an answer, I will answer your question for now.

    Do not believe the bots that privately tell you that you will get nitro after adding their bot to your server, or claim that you will get nitro after clicking a strange link. These contain malicious software programmed to steal your account and/or damage your server.

    No Discord staff will tell you that you won nitro through direct messages. If you still can, you can help Discord by hitting the red "Report Spam" button at the top of the DM.

  • Brian Griffin

    Yes that would be fake.

    Bots sending you DMs stating you have gotten something like Nitro for free would most likely be a scam which could compromise your account and/or server. That bot in specific seems to also be a bot that violates the TOS for selling artificial member growth. I'd recommend on reporting it to trust and safety via the submit a request button.