Suggestion: Add "Hide Post" option



  • Stray

    Better suggestion: if distracted by images/gifs/etc adding a "Hide all" option in your profile settings for days you just want to see the chat and nothing else?

  • Gradyn

    No, that is not a better suggestion, that is a different suggestion.

    I don't want to "Hide all", just a particular post if I find it distracting, which might be a bad term but I cannot think of a better one to use at the moment. 

    If you want to make a post about your suggestion that is fine, but please don't hijack mine.  There have been other posts from 2 years ago with the suggestion I posted mentioned but didn't want to necro a thread

  • VNNI

    "Hide Media" and/or "Hide message" would be a neat feature to have for the right-click menu (on pc).
    I like your idea Gradyn! +up