Bring back the GIF button/Allow user customization of text box buttons



  • Tyzam1

    I use gifs in nearly every conversation I have on Discord. It should be available as one click from the chat bar. What's worse is that I use emojis and GIFs in nearly every conversation. So now I have to click back and forth to get to their submenus. Very annoying and just useless change.

    Activities occur in the VOICE channels and should not be in the text chat area of Discord.

    Furthermore, if I wanted to gift someone nitro, I would do it in a DM. I am not gifting nitro to my entire server, ever. The use case for this must be less than 1% of users. Cmon Discord use your brain.

    GIF, Stickers, Emojis should be the default chat bar options. If you want to pressure users into using the other activies/nitro buttons, make them an OPTION. Do not FORCE me to use them for 6 MONTHS.

    Discord is unable to revert this change when I asked tech support the 3 times over the past 6 months and it is a terrible change. End the 'trial period'. Make the chat bar have options just like this: