More improvements for Forum channels



  • Rioni

    These are really great ideas! I hope they implemented it. It would be really really useful for my servers too

  • Des7p

    When will the feature become public for everyone?

  • AFRLme

    I agree that how followed forum posts (& threads in general channels too) is really messy to look at. I hate it. I would much rather have an icon show up at the side of the channel along with a number to indicate how many new posts I have in threads/forum channels that I am currently following. Also maybe some style formatting or way to list only followed threads so we can pick them out a bit easier. What I would like to see is the bit where  it says "x active threads" replaced with icons & numbers. so one to represent active threads, another to represent new threads/messages, & another to represent amount of new messages in followed threads, etc. something small & compact to keep things nice & tidy.

    I'm currently running 3 forum channels on my server & 2 of them are very busy as it's a server for a game engine & lots of people are always asking for help. On top of that we have a lot of regular channels in the server too for various other things to do with the game engine & game development in general.

    In regards to your FAQ dilemma, sure it would be nice if we could set permissions per post, or have the ability to lock replies, but unfortunately that doesn't seem to be possible currently. Anyway, I just use a regular channel for my FAQ & I locked it so no one else but me, my other admins & moderators can post in it. You can link to forum posts by the way, as you can generate links to them via a similar method to how you generate links to messages in regular channels. ;)

    I'm also wondering if pinned posts remain pinned indefinitely or also disappear after x time has passed, I guess I will just have to wait & see what happens in a few days as I originally had the threads set to archive after 1 week with no activity, but have since reduced it down to 3 days for all new threads.

  • Hi

    Unlimited post duration
    So thats how real forums work

    I also make the same suggestion!

    I want to post vocab forum post per teo days

  • Hi