Swipe to remove a entire role for permissions from a channel
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Button for topic
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Double Tap the Quick Switcher Button to go to Last Channel
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[Android] Lighten the font color of codeblocks to make them easier to read
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View Discord profiles in mentions and search bar
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Android app should keep the location in-chat after refresh / app switch
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Make bold stand out more on Android
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Custom Options
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Quick Switcher Hold Instead of double tap back
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improve file uploading on android
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Cache chat so discord opens as fast on iOS as it does on Android.
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Popular games Icons
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Take the in-app notifications at the top of the screen
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Mobile support for USB sound devices
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mobile gd throttle solution
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channels moved to a category with inheriting permissions should inherit those permissions.
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I think the in app notifications should be pushed up a little bit for the iPhone 6s
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Have search results be in a different messaging format.
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Move the emoji menu button over by the attach files button on Android
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Channel shortcuts
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game detect auto off.
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Image size on Android
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Black Notification Panel for Android
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In-app notification
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more functions for mobile phones
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