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  • Discord Nitro Gift Badge

    You should be able to get a special badge on your profile for gifting a nitro subscription, it would increase the revenue for discord and also give us a cool badge.... Btw wait since once i can get...

  • role permission to ping @someone again

    Add a permission that people can turn on in the perms where it lets you do @someone again

  • Discord official custom emojis

    Discord should add all of their official wumlus and nelly emojis to the default emojis list, it would be a cool addition to the emojis and also having some special unique emojis unique to discord only

  • Scrolling through emojis on desktop

    So on mobile you can scroll with your fingers when you type in an emoji when using ":" to type it out, it would make looking for certain emojis much easier and faster

  • Free non nitro games for rewards

    I feel like there should be games that everyone can play, like chess for example.  If you beat the bot in chess 10 times in total you get a chess master badge on your profile, or maybe even mineswe...