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  • Non-nitro games tab

    It would be pretty cool if there was an additional tab on the game store just called "Game Store" - here you could view non-Nitro games and search - just like you can in the Nitro store right now. ...

  • Family Library Sharing

    Hello, I think that it would be s good feature for the games store if there was some form of library sharing for the use of families. Certain games (probably most non free with nitro games) would ...

  • Give people who support Discord the most more experimental feature access

    So I think that it would be quite cool if Discord gave everyone n option in user settings to opt into experimental features - this would allow only the people who want to test them access. Furtherm...

  • New server levelling perk (Channel cap)

    Hello, I think it would be cool if one of the server levelling perks was an increase to the maximum number of channels in the Discord server. It's almost that simple - not sure what the increase w...

  • Mobile Game Store

    Hello, I have seen several other suggestions for something similar to this, but they don't seem to follow the same root as this one does so I'm making this post. I am a developer working on makin...

  • Automatic server ordering

    This would be an optional features that would change the order of servers you're in. The more you used a server the higher up it would become in the list. This would mean that the list would consta...

  • Multiple GIF locations

    So all the GIFs right now come from tenor (built in ones anyway). It would be cool if when you searched for a GIF on Discord you would get results from multiple GIF sharing platforms. This would o...

  • An option to submit your Discord server to search engines

    It would be really cool if you were able to turn on a feature in the server overview panel that would basically submit an invite for your server to all major search engines (this would help servers...

  • Ability to ban users after they leave your server

    It would be a really cool feature if you were able to ban a user after they leave a server. This would stop people being able to leave a server to avoid a ban and would let you rest a bit better kn...

  • [GLOBAL] Mark all as read

    It would be great to be able to mark all as read , so in two places. An option to do it with your server list and an option to do it with DMs . It's as simple as that.